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31 August 2015

Staff recruitment for private residence


Staff recruitment for private residence and all details connected with it are very popular questions nowadays. The problem solution requires special skills.


Professionals for work in private residence

Some years ago only representatives of tertiary occupations for houses could aspire to the positions in private residences. Today workplace requirements are different. The owners of big private residences hire secretaries, management assistants and assistant manager.


Heavy traffic and heavy rental charges are caused the tendency of moving office straight to the private residence. However, in the beginning there were only representational offices in the residences, but later businessmen decided to use their own houses like offices and employ staff.


One business practice doesn’t require a chef’s presence daily. And as far as internet-based technologies are very popular today, they can administer the affairs without leaving their residences. And square of the houses of some accomplished business men allows them to locate not only the room of the boss, but also managerial room.


Of course it’s very good if the employee has his own car, because it’s easier to get to the house of the chief from the city. Sometimes businessman builds small special houses for employees. As a result staff members can spend a workweek there and weekend at home with families. This is work under rotation system.


If one year ago we would see the advertisement that the secretary wanted for work in the private residence, we would be surprised, but today it’s normal. Usually those people who don’t have families aspire to these positions. Those professionals who don’t have family and children prefer this work.


A small staff is friendlier and work more consistently. Moreover, they have a good time after working day, dining together or having events. This time management has positive influence on the staff. 


It doesn’t matter whether the businessman has his office in the business-center or in his private residence; the employment has to be according labor code of Russian Federation. 


Car driver for leading personnel

If you’ve decided to re-locate your office to a private residence, you need to hire a driver to get to the residence from the metropolitan city and back. There are different scenarios of driver’s recruitment. Sometimes the employer needs a driver not only with a car and driving skills but also with knowledge of foreign language.


The salary is fifty thousand rubles and higher. It also depends if the driver uses his own car or a car of the employer. The vehicle class and farness from the city influence on the salary. The businessman also should take into account depreciation expenses and fuel costs.


If the driver uses his own car, there are some requirements concerning the class and age of vehicle. But you have to understand that the car should be of a good working order and an overhaul of the car should take place.


The businessman usually checks employment history, driving experience without accidents, and, of course, employment references. If an applicant has completed the training course of extreme driving, the training course for bodyguards, he has a right to bear arms, he has a good opportunity to get this job.


There are some requirements to a car; it has to be at least a Volkswagen golf in good order and condition. However, sometimes the employer prefers the driver with bantam car, because this car is very practical for trips from city to the residence (it’s around 100 kilometers) on the instructions of the employer. If the businessman has an appointment, the driver uses executive-class car. 


But it’s better for a driver to have his own car, because he has to get to the private residence. And it’s not convenient to go there by public service vehicle, and live-in drivers are not hired.


Cook for work in the private residence

If the office is in the private residence, there’s a need to hire a cook, who will cook not for the owners of the house but for staff. Usually cooks live in the house. It’s clear because they have to cook breakfasts also. There is no time to get to work even if you have a car.


The cook has to buy kitchen-stuff, that’s why he can use a car. Also he has to cook, set the table and clean a kitchen.


The cook has to make meals for staff and for the owner’s family. The dishes can be different. Also he has to be able to make healthy homemade food. It’s important to note that the cook should have knowledge of diet food.


It’s very important for cook to have an experience in hosting the events and cooking for stand-up parties of different categories. The employer can ask to set out the table inside of the house or outside. There are different requirements to the cooks, but it should be less of a problem for cook to service twelve or fifteen persons. If there are more guests, the employer should allow hiring helpers.


The customary salary is eighty thousand rubles. However, the salary of one hundred thousand rubles is not unusual.


A married couple for work in the residence

Usually the employers prefer to hire family couples for work in the private residences. It doesn’t matter if there are office employees or no. This way of recruitment saves employer’s money. The customary salary of the married couple is from seventy thousand rubles to ninety thousand rubles. Couples from Former Soviet Union receive lower salary. 


It’s quite expensive to hire a driver or a cook or a domestic helper. And the earning power of a married couple can be quite high. The family is able to attend the whole house and even serve the office employees.


But some employers think that it’s not very convenient to hire a married couple. Because if they have their own house not far from the private residence, they will often go there. It’s better to hire employees whose houses are far away from the residence.


A helper

The helper is a peculiar occupation, requiring special skills. If the house is not very big, only one person is hired, who is able to cope with all tasks.


You can consume this occupation in different ways. It can be a helper (a man), who will see after the house during winter, or it can be a professional who knows one or more foreign languages.


Sometimes a woman who will look after the child is needed. In this case she must have pedagogical or medical education. However, the employer should understand that the infant requires more attention and care than he may get from the helper, who must also do domestic cares.


Different occupations for private residence

But not only helpers, nannies, cooks and drivers are needed for work in private residences. Sometimes a companion is needed. They have to communicate with members of the family in advanced years. This employee is not a nurse, because he has just to intercommunicate with a person.


Often the private residence is a nice place for elder parents, who want to move from big cities to a country-side. Their busy children can go and see them only during weekends. That’s why to hire a companion is good solution of the problem.


The salary of a companion isn’t very high; it’s around twenty-five thousand rubles. Also the food is included.


One more popular occupation is gardener. People of this profession must not only to tend a garden, but also have a good grasp of greenery and know everything about winter gardens. They should visit the garden several times per week to check if everything is ok with the garden. The gardener gets around 3 thousand rubles per day. And he can work for several employers.


A steward is an employee in the residences of accomplished business men. The employer has to manage the business, and a professional steward can give orders to staff. Moreover, he has to enter into cooperation with builders.


Sometimes a driver can be a steward. But more often an employer prefers to hire a competent professional who has working experience in hotel management.



If you want to hire a staff for work in the private residence, you have to be ruled by the tasks for future employees. The possibilities of the employer are also taken into account.


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