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Nurses and Babysitters
03 August 2015

Difficulties of employment and employer-Agency relations


What kind of difficulties can the applicant in the field of domestic services be faced with, how to build your relations with employer and with Agency? How to increase your level of training in order to move up through the ranks? Only professional, who works at the labor-market for many years, can answer such questions. Company “Personal+” is one of popular agencies, which has a good reputation and works at the labor-market around 10 years. The professionals of “Personal+” can answer all questions listed above.


This agency provide assistance in job connection a lot of years and, of course, in advanced trainings for babysitters, housemaids, drivers, governesses, married couples and other specialists.


Agency or directly to employer?


The first question is to look around for a job by yourself or use the opportunities of an agency. You should understand that employers doesn’t expend their time in looking for employees and address to relevant companies. It’s clear to be safer, faster and more convenient.


Such companies will provide guarantees of employee reliability, his professional skill. Also if an employee is taken ill or there are other circumstances, the company will be able to replace the employee. Moreover, several people are usually offered for a job vacancy and employer can chose among them.


We should mention that solid agency usually defends the rights of employees. So work schedule, duties and salary are fixed in the contracts with the employers. It means that first of all managers give employment to the qualified personnel.


Peculiarities of work search


Theoretically, every woman, who has raised her children, can get herself a job of babysitter or housemaid. But babysitter and housemaid fulfill absolutely different duties.


The babysitter, who is hired for baby-minding of infant, must have medical education, and it would be a good thing if baby-sitter for older children would have pedagogical education. The housemaid has to be familiar with eco cleaning of the house, furniture and take care of very expensive clothes.


It’s clear that the applicant who wants to get well-paid job should mention in her CVs, that she can be babysitter and also help in the work around the house. Also she has to put emphasis on the functions of housemaid, but mention that she can have an eye for the children. But first the applicant should point the occupation, she is good at and which is required by the employer.


Job for married couple in the private residence


If the woman knows how to cook healthy food, she is tech-savvy, she can use household chemicals in a proper way, she knows oats of diet food, there are much more opportunities to get the job. Medical and pedagogical educations would be the asset.


The man should be a good helper, sometimes he should be a good driver also. If he has mechanic skills, it will help to get a fat job. Sometimes the man has to do with gardening equipment.


It is good for the couple to know the system “Smart Home”. To be able to make renovations would be an asset also. There are watchdogs in some houses, which should be tended for.


Advanced training


Today, such occupations as babysitter, housemaid and other branches of activity are required particular trainings. Some of the Agencies help their applicants to top up qualification. It’s very useful, because in the capital of Russia there are a lot of courses of advanced studies. However, not all of them can offer you specialized trainings. Some courses have only theoretic part, but some courses have practical trainings in test apartment or house.


Such practice helps people to become skilled force. Such courses teach you not only how to give first aid, but also help to learn the rules of communication in a family. Having finished these courses, everybody gets relevant certificate. It’ll be easier to find a good job with this certificate.


Now the most important things


If you want to be hired as soon as possible, you need to think about employment reference letter from your previous employer. Also you need to discuss this question with your employer even by the telephone.


Career in domestic services can be developed in different ways. Some people work a lot of years in one house, the other people sometimes change their places of employment. If you want to change the place of employment, you have to be able to explain why you’ve decided to do it.

For example, the employer moved to another country, the child started school or kindergarten. Or, probably, financial situation of employer was changed. In this case reference letter can tip the balance.


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