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Construction and Repair
12 August 2015

The plumber for work in cottages and single-family homes

A qualified plumber will be a good friend of your cottage or country house. And he will be reliable helper for you, who will be able to bring to light all disorders of bathroom fitment, to fix the problems in order to avoid a disaster.

During the analysis of the bathroom equipment the professional is able to give quality characteristic of cold/hot water and to offer you different ways of solving these problems. The best result will be achieved at the end.


The operation of water supply system implies complete safety. It means that the pressure throughout the pipeline before the lowest point of the location of the mixer must not overlap the accepted norm, namely 0.6 Pascal. The pipes and intake works must be quite safe, and all fastenings and connections should be airproof and, also, fail-safe.


You have to understand that the pipes should be laid in hideaway but handy for future repair places. Metal pieces must be protected against possible corrosion. There should not be unexpected noises and vibrations while in operation of water-supply facilities. If you’ve noticed something like this, you should contact an experienced plumber as soon as possible, because sometimes it can be caused by significant damage of the system or one part of water-supply construction.


The noise in hydro-inflating construction can be caused by the large number of water hammers. It is a danger because once there can be a pressure fall and the pipes will split. Water current, escaped from crack, is going to ruin your life, to put your family members out of temper, and even lead to additional problems that require full repair.


It’s important to know that temperature in various parts of hydraulic pipe mustn’t exceed sixty degrees in the vented system, and fifty degree in the closed system of hot water supply. If you will not strike the balance, the pounding can occur in the system. It’s necessary to maintain temperature in autonomous water system by means of automatic temperature controller, which should be installed in the house. In order to provide the desired temperature in the concrete water supply point, the temperature should be 75 degree while exiting the heater.


The professional plumber, who is able to come to your house/cottage to check or install plumbing equipment, such as water supply system of hot and cold water, at first will become acquainted and analyse route location by rough drawings and in reality. It’s very important to find the location of formwork unit with laid reinforcement, to check if there are any water pumps, boilers or furnaces. He should do this in order to imagine what kind of works he has to do.


If professional plumber services the cottage or single family home, he has to ensure proper and smooth functioning of all aquifer systems, to identify and fix existing problems and control activity of all supply pipelines located in the house. While controlling the operation of the domestic supply system of hot water, he has to monitor the pressure in the pipes and also pipes have to be full of water. Also twice a month a plumber should scroll through all kinds of valves, gate valves, which are installed for urgent outage of water supply, for regulation of fluid power system.


The plumber should control if there is a leakage in the horizontally laid pipes, in vertical risers, in tap wares. All defects must be removed as soon as possible. The examination must be conducted in the presence of the customer according the schedule. Each result has to be written by the employee in a special journal, which is usually located in the house of customer. Such scheduled examinations of the system will allow making a forecast of future work of the water-supply system. Also it’s possible to foresee which details will be broken earlier than the others and which parts should be replaced.


The operation of automatic controller of pressure and temperature should be tested once a month. This is required service for cottages and houses. Sometimes a plumber can discover the deficiency of filter, which has to be located before automatic controller. This situation should be remedied right off the bat. However, the customer should be informed about it, because he has to understand that operation of low grade heat carrier can make governing mechanism inoperative. And all installations will not function when it’s necessary. When you turn on the tap, you can scald yourself with a jet of hot water.


In order to avoid heat losses, the plumber should insulate a stand pipe with fire-resistant material in the back regions of the house.


The professional will not forget to countercheck all installed monitoring and measuring devices. He must be sure that the installation fitters, who were working in the house before, didn’t forget that’s it’s forbidden to install measuring instruments with mercury filler.



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