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Construction and Repair
01 August 2014

Today many people have installed a water meter. It is quite practical as allows you to control an expense of a resource and not to overpay extra money. However, there are those who have not yet had time to establish a water meter or did not think of this procedure.

According to Russian legislation, each must have in the house or in the apartment such counter. Benefit from its existence is obvious – you will save every month about 200-300 rubles. Therefore, the cost of the work will pay off in a few months. At the expiration of 4-5 years is necessary to change the water meter at his own expense. If you don't make it, the municipal services will come and will perform this work anyway.

Before you buy the device, you must know about some of its characteristics. We will talk about its now.

Technical parameters

It is best to choose a water meter in specialized shops. So you can avoid unnecessary problems in the form of defective goods. In this case is optimal to use the services of a competent professional who will conduct the measurements of some parameters in your house (water pressure, operating temperature), and specifically for them will select the appropriate model. He will also take into account such characteristics as the limit of sensitivity of the water meter and possible reduction of pressure during installation.

When you are installing two devices give preference to one company.  Be especially attentive to the following points:

  • the warranty period;
  • checking and replacement of water meters, in case of malfunction;
  • the availability of the contract;
  • the drafting agreement of completion of performed works.

Who is engaged in installation of counters of water

First of all this work should be entrusted to the organizations that serve your house. But if due to certain circumstances you can't use their offer, you will have to rely on one of the following options:

  • companies which have received the license and permission for installation of meters;
  • unofficial workers;
  • own efforts.

Anyway after installation it is necessary to issue all papers about existence of the device and to seal it up. The last act is made only by representatives of the housing department or a water utility. The term of performance of all procedures is limited to the week.

Some features of the installation of water meters

  • The device is in working condition must be facing up;
  • It is installed only on completion of welding works
  • The direction of the arrow and the fluid must match.

Before arrival of the master prepare his workplace. Try to maximize vacate the area and remove unnecessary things from there.

Value of work

Depending on the device type, complexity of work and the chosen way of installation ,the price keeps within limits of 1500-4000 rubles. The private organizations is cheaper on 1-1,5 thousand rubles. For the installation of two devices you'll be charged not more than 8000 rubles.

You can set the counter for free, if you live:

  • in the council flat;
  • in the privatized apartment and you receive benefits for utilities.

To avoid breakdowns and accidents that can harm not only to you, it is best of all to accept the help of professionals.









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