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Semi-Permanent Eyeliner
The second most popular permanent make up treatment requested at my London salon after eyebrow tattoos is semi permanent eyeliner. This can be in the form of a subtle lash line that enhances the base of your lashes or can be done as a straight line or with the use of pointillism which is the placement of tiny dots of pigment in between the lashes. Then there is the fuller thicker semi permanent tattoo eyeliner often used to define the shape of the eye to make them look larger and more ‘almond shaped’ by extending the eyeliner outwards. Asian women on the other hand, often want their eyes to look more rounded and have the line thicker at the centre, which can also be achieved.


Whatever style you choose the great thing about semi permanent eyeliner, its gym proof, shower proof and waterproof. Not to mention the time saved in the morning getting ready for work. And if you’re going out in the evening and want more of a dramatic look, you can still use eyeliner pencils or gels for a more extreme look by thickening and lengthening the tail. (I don’t advise having heavy tails tattooed on as fashions change, and once tattooed it’s pretty much permanent even though it fades).


The most popular colour for permanent eyeliner is black, but other colours are available including shades of brown and grey - and for the more adventurous, green, blue and violet can really make the eyes ‘Pop’. Although black is the most popular choice, some care needs to be taken with black eyeliner tattoos. To ensure the black doesn’t fade out to blue as the tattoo ages, I always warm the colour up to a very, very dark brownish black. This eliminates this possible issue entirely.

All in all, this is a treatment that provides beautiful, pain free, long lasting, semi permanent eye liner.


London Clinic:

Designer Permanent Makeup

5 Upper Wimpole Street (Ground Floor)



07714 796044

United Kingdom

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