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Eyebrow Treatments:


Microblading & PMU

Eyebrows are the most prominent facial feature, responsible for expressions, warmth and depth, as well as a contributing factor to the way people perceive us. The correct design of your brows can give stunning shape, extra definition for a more youthful look and an impression of 'Oval' face shape (the perfect shape); or just improve the already existing brows by adding more volume, definition or desired shape.


Permanent Cosmetics can provide you with the perfect brows regardless of the natural growth of your brow hair or shape. Eyebrows can become sparse for different reasons, such as over-plucking, ill health or they can simply deteriorate with age. If you over-plucked, have sparse or thin eyebrows, without Semi-Permanent treatment your other options are very limited, resorting topenciling or makeup. Penciling in your eyebrows everyday can become tedious and time consuming, not to mention the risk of smudging them during a night out, hot or rainy weather, sports activities. Perspiration causes makeup to run and you may have to face the embarrassing prospect of ending up brow-less half way through the day or night. However, with Semi-Permanent Makeup we can achieve long term results that traditional makeup cannot. We can even lighten, darken or soften the colour with micro-fine strokes that would look completely natural.


The end result will leave you with a personalized eyebrows complimenting your face and skin tone. Whatever you are looking for, from creating more volume, definition, to a shape improvement or change, you can choose the style that will be suitable for you and restore the appearance of realistic looking brows. From a natural hairstrokes effect or a combination of hairstrokes and soft shading we can create a perfectly shaped yet natural looking brow.


Hairstroke Brows, known as 3D Eyebrows

This is one of the most requested brow treatments in Permanent Cosmetics, it involves tattooing imitation hairstrokes to imitate natural brow hairs.


Manly Man Brows / Eyebrows for Man

Semi-Permanent Makeup is not just for the ladies! You might be surprised, but a lot of men also look for solutions to thinning, sparse or uneven eyebrows so that they will still look natural and 'manly'. I can help with that. The bespoke hairstroke treatment for men can help you achieve the fuller, denser, more even brow look, so please do get in touch.

Combination Brows: enhance your eyebrows

As the name suggests it’s a combination of a hairstroke and gentle shading to achieve more defined results.

Powder Brows

Soft and subtle, can also be dense, depending on desired outcome. Soft powder or an eyebrow pencilled look, perfect for most eyebrows, adding definition to thinning, sparse or full eyebrows.

Brows for Blondes

If you are a natural blond and been struggling to define, fill or correct the shape of your blonde eyebrows than this would be a treatment for you. Thick, dark, defined eyebrows may be very fashionable, but it is not a look that suits those with fair hair and light eyebrows. Pencils are usually too dark, which makes the application difficult and painstaking. This Semi-Permanent treatment defines and/or reshapes eyebrows with a fair pigment to match your hair.

Power Brows

This combines hairstrokes with intense colour techniques to produce a more powerful brow style. The Power Brow is a much defined, continuous look with the very fashion forward designers who regularly feature thick eyebrow shapes at their fashion shows, models such as Cara Delevingne showcasing defined, thick eyebrow on the catwalk. However, it's not just the fashion insiders who are looking to achieve a thicker, heavier brow shape in line with the recent beauty trend. This look can be suitable for many people from different backgrounds and cultures. For example, it can be very complementary to Arabic, Middle-Eastern facial features.


Every client is given a personalized advice before the treatment depending on a person’s features. People with large eyes and plenty of space between the eye and the brow are best suited for the fuller brow look. A fuller brow would overpower someone with delicate, small, gentle features, in such case we can tailor the look accordingly, we could create slightly darker eyebrows with more depth which is still in line with current trends but doesn't overpower the persons face.


EYEBROWS Microblading or PMU:

3D Hairstroke Eyebrows (Ultra Realistic) Microblading or PMU

2h 15m



Hairstroke Eyebrows (Natural Look) Microblading or PMU:

2h 15 min



Hairstroke Combination Eyebrows (Hairstroke with Shading) Microblading or PMU:

2h 15 min



Ombre / Powder / Diffused Brows (Shaded):

2h 15 min



Eyebrows For Men (Natural Look) Microblading or PMU:

2h 15 min



Eyebrows Colour Boost (Any Style):

1h 30 min



Please contact to discuss any questions or queries on:

Tel: 0208 022 1267

Mob: 07876587 988


Stonehealth Clinic

LG Floor,

36-38 Cornhill, Bank,London EC3V 3ND

United Kingdom

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