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Online One-to-One English lessons.

Private teacher/tutor. Editing


Private Online Face-to-Face lessons and proofreading services.

I offer English lessons to speakers of other languages who come from overseas and need help with their English.



My name is Janna. I am 37 years old female, naturalised British citizen, married and have two kids.


Although I was born and raised in Ukraine, I have been living in the UK since 2008. I speak Ukrainian, Russian and English.


English is not my native language, hence, I had to learn it myself. Therefore, I know how difficult and frustrating it may be when learning a new language, particularly, when it is time to speak and hold a conversation.


Often people find it is easier to read and write, however, it is extremely difficult for them to express thoughts verbally, explain ideas, argue their opinion or simply start a conversation.

And yet, there are those who have learnt English by hearing the language in the streets. Even though they start to speek after a while, they have no idea how to build grammatically correct and meaningful sentences simply because they haven't learnt grammar.


Such problems arise due to the educational system in other countries and personal circumstances. Also many people are naturally very shy and embarrassed to speek because of the fear of making mistakes.


It is hard to beat such problems on your own. But I know that a little work, practice and some help from outside will eventually help overcome shortages of the language, and bring English to the desired level.



In the lessons, I mainly focus on the following:

- strengthening grammar

- increasing vocabulary

- constructing grammatically correct sentences.


Prior the first lesson, I assess the level of English via Grammar test and a short written assignment that I provide. Based on the results, I make a study plan.

I do not end a lesson until I make sure we finish it according to the plan. That, of course, depends on the time availability.


All the lessons are different and crafted according to the individual needs.


For those who are willing to do extra studies, I organize HOMEWORK based on the gaps in the language.



I provide e-photocopies of all the study materials required for lessons FREE of charge, including homework.



Lessons can be arranged via Skype or Viber.


PRICE for Online English lessons (includes study materials):

1 lesson - £10

The first lesson is just £5


*Note, in case of a lesson cancellation, at least 12 hours notice should be given in advance. Otherwise, I kindly ask to compensate my time by paying £5 cancellation fee unless the cancellation has been due to a serious illness, then no compensation is required.


Additionally, I offer my services on any tasks related to writing such as:

-editing and proofreading of application forms, CVs and covering letters,

-checking and polishing language of documents, IELTS essays, emails, letters, business letters, adverts, blog and web content etc.,

- helping improve writing skills in general.


Proofreading cost:

£5 - up to 250 words

£12 - up to 1000 words

£25 - up to 2000 words

£35 - up to 3000 words, etc.

I will proofread your assignment, make text adjustments, correct mistakes and grammar. If you give me a special request, I can also provide my comments on the errors in the assignment.


*Special discounted rates apply for website content.


If you want me to write for you, then the prices slightly change:

£12 - up to 500 words

£20 - up to 1000 words

£35 - up to 2000 words

£55 - up to 3000 words, etc.

Prior writing, I will do a thorough research and then write 100% plagiarism free.


For further information contact me via

Skype: zhanna.pedun

text or call: 075 06 293 076

United Kingdom
Skype: zhanna.pedun
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