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Our Junior courses are ideal for all young people eager to develop their language skills while benefiting from an exciting variety of cultural and social activities.

We offer this course for groups at every LSI school year-round. We accept individual young learners in our schools in the UK, USA, Canada and France in our summer and winter camps. Teaching methods and social activities on the Junior course are specially designed to suit kids and teenagers. Our Junior courses are a great way to make friends with other teenagers from all over the world. LSI offers language courses to suit all abilities and levels. Our Junior courses are available all year round for groups.


Courses for kids and teenagers - language programme details:

Our language lessons feature engaging activities that emphasise communication and core skills (Speaking, Writing, Reading and Listening) whilst building knowledge of key grammar and vocabulary. Materials are designed specifically for kids and teenagers and offer interesting project based activities via a topic based syllabus. For language students aged 16-17 we also offer exam preparation in some centres. Classes are held in our modern school buildings. We also use the local city as a classroom and many lessons are linked to activities where students interact with local people and learn about the history and culture of the location whilst they develop their communication skills.


Course details:

20 lessons per week (15 in London Ealing)

Class maximum: 16 (May vary for closed groups)

Social and cultural activities - 4 afternoons/evenings each week

Full day excursion every weekend

Further optional excursions

Homestay accommodation


24/7 support

All-inclusive and comprehensive summer programmes start at £ 685 per week.


Call Us:

Should you have any questions, the quickest way to find the answers is to call us: +44 (0)20 7443 9873

Email Us:

United Kingdom

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