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Responsible for managing the household’s inner workings as a well-oiled team, domestic couples work together to a provide full spectrum of domestic support for clients.
The domestic couple is most often a married couple, based on the employer’s property, and capable of responding to a range of your service needs. The responsibilities of the domestic couple can vary, depending upon a particular client’s unique requirements and needs.

The demand for domestic couples has always been strong but is now a rapidly growing segment of the housekeeping and property management staffing assignments.The duties of a household-dedicated housekeepercan now be expanded to include the additional care of an estate’s gardens and grounds by employing a domestic couple who can handle both jobs in a practical way with time-saving efficiency.

Domestic couples are ideally positioned to accomplished this dual role. Traditionally, the male partner of a couple would perform more intensive manual tasks such as grounds-keeping and general maintenance while the female partner would take care of housekeeping and interior duties.However, with changing roles in modern partnerships and also in modern households with increasingly varied needs,domestic couples are an ideal multitasking division of labor in the form of a two-person team, who typically divide up their areas of expertise depending on their individual skills and talents.


General requirements typically include, but aren’t limited to:

Housekeeping andlaundryduties, cleaning, gardening, valeting of vehicles and general daily tasks.

General property maintenance in both domestic and commercial buildings including decorating and event set-up/tear down, light pool maintenance, basic electrical and plumbing work and also a variety of handyman duties. Couples may be asked to organise and manage a team of staff who will be responsible for the ‘change over’ between events such a weddings and other types of receptions.

Planning and carrying out office moves, picking up and collecting items of furniture and equipment.

Valetand vehicle management, cleaning and upkeep, conducting minor maintenance and occasionally acting as adriver/chauffeurif required.

Live-in/Live-out positions. Domestic couples can work scheduled, off-site hours or may be willing to negotiate for adjusted wages and earnings in exchange for separate housing on the estate if a 24-hour, on-site presence is desired by the client.

Pet and livestock management and care for larger properties that include various household pets, horses, goats, chickens, or llamas and may need daily care in additional to their regular veterinary care and visits.


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