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Free Health Checks

All new puppies, kittens and any rehomed charity or council pound pets receive a Free Health Check plus advice for any concerns a new owner may have such as care, diet, vaccinations and worming.



Puppies and Kittens are given two vaccinations several weeks apart to help protect them from diseases like Parvovirus and Leukamia. A Booster vaccination is then given every year to keep their immunity levels high. City Vets also recommend a kennel cough vaccination for all dogs that come into close contact with other dogs. During these consultations the full clinical examination and advice is free, we also offer a free check up every six months. Please check our price list for up-to-date prices.


Dental Care

Dental treatment is the second most common reason why your pet may need a general anaesthetic, neutering being the most common. If your pet has difficulty eating, is losing weight, has a poor appetite or smelly breath then they need to have their teeth checked. Even apparently healthy pets can suffer severe dental disease.

All our dentals have a blood test to check for liver and kidney function prior to their anaesthetic. If required, they will also go home with a course of anti-inflammatories for pain relief and antibiotics. All of this is included in our set fee. Please check our price list for up-to-date prices.



We advise that all male and female, cats, dogs and rabbits should be neutered. There are several reasons:

It reduces the risks of several cancers for example ovarian, prostate and testicular.

For females it reduces the risks of unwanted pregnancies and life threatening womb infections.

It reduces straying and wandering by highly sexed males or females in season.

We recommend neutering once your pet is six months old. At this age operating times are shorter and they recover more quickly. If your bitch is in season (has been bleeding) then it is best advised to wait for 6-8 weeks until the season is over before spaying.

All of our bitch spays and dog castrations go home with a course of anti-inflammatories for pain relief, this is included in our set fee. Please check our price list for up-to-date prices.

Price List June 2018
1st Kitten Vaccination - £18.00
Cat Vaccination (Yearly Booster) - £24.00
Cat Spay - £5.00 to £45.00
Cat Castrate - £5.00 to £30.00
Cat Dental (inc Extractions/Pain relief/Antibiotics) - £115.00
1st Puppy Vaccination - £18.00
Dog Vaccination (Yearly Booster) - £19.00
Kennel Cough Vaccination (Yearly Booster) - £25.00
Emergency Care
City Vets provide 24 hours a day emergency cover, 7 days a week.
We work in partnership with Vets Now who have a vet available at all times.
If you have an emergency or need advice out of hours please contact Vets Now on 028 9065 1729
Vets Now
193 Belmont Road
Belfast, BT4 2AE

United Kingdom

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