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The London Clinic provides a number of procedures to assess the health of your heart. Our diagnostic services facility at 5 Devonshire Place offers a range of heart investigations, helping your cardiologist to develop a treatment programme tailored to your needs.


Heart symptoms and conditions which we can assist with include:

chest pain




cardiac disease

high blood pressure

high cholesterol


Specialist heart services

Cardiac Imaging at The London Clinic

The London Clinic is one of the few private hospitals in central London to offer a comprehensive, multi-modality cardiac imaging service. Our purpose-built stress echocardiography laboratory permits a daily, consultant-led service.

As opposed to invasive techniques, which require catheters to be inserted into the heart, non-invasive tests are safer, easier to perform, and can be used to detect various heart conditions.

These range from reduced blood flow that supplies the heart muscle (known as coronary artery disease) to abnormalities that weaken the capacity of the heart to pump blood.


Cardiac DIAGNOSTIC Tests

GPs or consultants who wish to request these tests should contact Diagnostics

020 7034 6330


The Cardio-oncology Service at The London Clinic

What is Cardio-Oncology?

Cardio-Oncology is the management of cardiovascular complications for cancer patients.

Cancer treatment (both chemotherapy and radiotherapy) can potentially cause a variety of heartproblems.


Common chemotherapies (e.g. Herceptin, anthracyclines/doxorubicin/daunorubicin, R-CHOP, R-ESHAP, Velcade, Avastin, ABVD, FOLFOX, FOLFORI) can damage the heart muscle, coronary arteries and cause irregular heartbeat.

Potential cardiac problems of therapies include heart failure, myocarditis (heart muscle inflammation), arrhythmias (e.g. AF or atrial fibrillation) coronary spasm and heart attacks.

Radiotherapy can also lead to cardiac complications in some patients, with the most commonearly problem being an inflammation of the heart muscle and lining (myopericarditis).

Both chemotherapy and radiotherapy can cause cardiac complications months to many years down the line. These include the development of heart failure, heart valve disease and early coronary artery disease (increasing the risk of heart attacks at a younger age).


Role of the Cardio-Oncology service

The Cardio-Oncology service at The London Clinic plays a key role in preventing the development of complications and manging them if they occur.

Dr Arjun Ghosh is the first Consultant Cardiologist in the UK to be appointed with the specific remit of managing cancer patients with heart problems. He has now brought this expertise to the London Clinic to enable patients to receive world-class Cardio-Oncology care.

Pre-treatment cardiAC risk assessment

The Cardio-Oncology service can assess the cardiac risk of a patient before the initiation of cancer treatment. The assessment includes a clinical examination followed by specialised cardiac tests e.g. echocardiography (ultrasound scanning of the heart looking at the heart muscle and valves).

Home 24 hour monitoring of the blood pressure and heart rate may be required to further quality cardiac risk. Cardiovascular risk profile blood tests (blood sugar, cholesterol, kidney and liver function) complete the comprehensive assessment.


Monitoring during cardiac treatment

Cancer patients receiving potentially cardiotoxic therapy need to be monitored during the course of their treatment. Monitoring will detect cardiac abnormalities at an early stage to allow the prompt use of cardiac therapy. This may take the form of periodic echocardiography and blood tests.

Post-treatment cardiAClate-effects

Patients in the Late Effects setting are followed up to detect cardiac complications months to years after the completion of cancer treatment. These reviews include a clinical examination and history, undertakingappropriate ancillary investigations (e.g. ECG and echocardiography) as required.

Research in Cardio-Oncology

Dr Ghosh is heavily involved in Cardio-Oncology education and research, having published a number of papers in the field and is regularly invited to speak, nationally and internationally on the topic.


Check your heart

The London Clinic Heart Check is available from participating consultants upon enquiry.

This package includes afirst consultation, plus:

Resting ECG


Lipid profile Full blood count (FBC).

The cost for this check is £585.


Tests and investigations

The following cardiac investigations are available at The London Clinic.

All of these tests can establish the health of the heart and can detect potential problems.

Electrocardiogram (ECG) and ECG monitoring, including ambulatory 24-hour or 7-day continuous ECG monitoring and event monitoring

Echocardiogram,including contrast echocardiography and transoesophageal echocardiography

Blood pressure monitoring

24-hour blood pressure monitoring

Exercise stress testing


Cardiology Conditions and Treatments

The London Clinic's cardiologists can investigate conditions such as chest pain.

Patients with cardiology conditions are able to receive a number of cutting-edge treatmentsand tests within the hospital.

Use the adjacent tool to find your condition, or the treatment you require.


Main numbers:

General enquiries: +44 (0)20 8053 0009

Appointments:+44 (0)20 3613 7497

Self-Pay:+44 (0)20 3797 6258


Other numbers:

Concierge service: 020 3219 3323

International office: 020 3 219 3266

Invoice and payment enquiries: 020 7616 7708

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