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Effective Drug Rehabilitation in the UK & London

Drug Rehab Treatment

Drug Addiction Treatment

The UK has numerous options for alcohol and drug addiction treatment. We not only specialise in the detox from drugs, but we offer help with residential local inpatient drug rehab. The clinics that we work with provide bespoke drug rehab programmes. This means that your addiction rehab is tailored to you as an individual and will incorporate many evidence-based addiction treatments to assist in healing you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Drug rehabilitation provides a safe, supportive and secure environment where intensive therapy can be undertaken. On average, a patient can expect to undergo a year’s worth of therapy sessions within a relatively short period of time. Rehabs appreciate the necessity to heal and learn essential coping strategies and relapse prevention techniques before returning to the community.

Undergoing a drug rehab programme following detoxification from drugs will give you a far better chance of staying clean and in recovery long term.


What Is Drug Rehab?

An addiction rehab facility is a purpose-built facility staffed by a multidisciplinary team of qualified staff – who deliver a professionally run rehab programme. This is usually offered on an inpatient basis, sometimes daycare as an outpatient.

A staffing team usually consists of experienced and qualified doctors, nurses, counsellors, therapists, holistic therapists, support workers and sometimes consultant psychiatrists.

A good rehab will be CQC registered and regulated. This ensures that a high level of safety and care are adhered to and that the rehab facility is properly equipped and licensed to deliver the addiction care advertised.

Most drug treatment centres, and certainly the ones that we work with, provide a medical detox as part of their service.


Is Drug Treatment Necessary To Stay Off Drugs?

Drug rehabilitation is not necessary for every individual that suffers from a drug problem. However, certain people would certainly benefit from undergoing a programme including:

Those that repeatedly relapse despite the desire to stay in recovery

Those that have a long or difficult detox ahead and require support throughout the process

Those that have a dual diagnosis illness such as depression, anxiety disorder, bipolar disorder or an eating disorder in addition to a drug addiction

Those that are unable to stop taking drugs despite wanting to

Those that want to learn how to live and enjoy life without drugs

Those that need life-saving treatment as drugs are destroying them.


Why Do Drug Addicts Need Rehab?

A rehab clinic is very specialised and concentrates on healing the individual as a whole person, not just one singular aspect. We have found that this approach is necessary to give each patient the best chance of staying in recovery once detoxed from drugs.

Drug addiction changes the brain. Repeated exposure to a drug that stimulates the brain’s reward system changes the brain’s chemistry and pathways. A drug addict’s brain becomes fine-tuned to plan, seek and take drugs – regardless of the possible negative consequences.

Removing or stopping the drugs does little to change the brain’s pathways. In other words, even once the drugs have been safely removed from the body through detoxification, a drug addict’s


The Benefits of Residential Rehab


Residential rehab offers numerous benefits to an individual that is suffering from drug abuse or drug addiction, including:

High levels of support in a recovery-focused environment

The temptation to use is reduced – rehabs are abstinent focused

A full medical detox minimises drug withdrawal symptoms

Specialist addiction care delivered by qualified doctors, counsellors and nurses

Personalised programme adapted to individual care requirements

Time and space out of the community and away from responsibilities in order to heal

Effective drug relapse prevention techniques and strategies

Learn how to process difficult emotions safely without the need or want for drugs to suppress them

Learn how to build healthy and lasting relationships with others

Unearth and therapeutically heal the deep-rooted causes that drive addiction

Leave rehab drug free and armed with a programme of recovery

Realistically the benefits of residential treatment are too numerous to list. Throughout the rehab process, you will learn a great deal about yourself, your condition, and your recovery on a daily basis. Addiction rehab clinics have saved many people that otherwise would not have survived.

To find out more about how a private rehab can benefit you as an individual, please call Detox Plus UK and speak to one of our addiction experts on 02072052734.


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