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Janette Vince owner and practitioner of Designer Permanent Makeup is a fully Certified Semi Permanent Cosmetics Professional who has several years experience in the industry. She adheres to the strict rules of this certification which includes the highest level of hygiene standards, together with ongoing courses in the latest technology and techniques in the industry.


Semi-Permanent Eyeliner

Well defined eyes have a positive impact on the entire face, and with semi permanent eyeliner you will achieve this look without effort from the moment you wake up.

Gym, shower & tear proof

Super time saver

Varied choice of shades

Boost a flawless look at all times

Only the finest medical grade pigments used


Semi-Permanent Eyeliner

The second most popular permanent make up treatment requested at my London salon is semi permanent eyeliner. This can be in the form of a subtle lash line that enhances the base of your lashes or can be done as a straight line or with the use of pointillism which is the placement of tiny dots of pigment in between the lashes. Then there is the fuller thicker semi permanent tattoo eyeliner often used to define the shape of the eye to make them look larger and more ‘almond shaped’ by extending the eyeliner outwards. Asian women on the other hand, often want their eyes to look more rounded and have the line thicker at the centre, which can also be achieved.

Whatever style you choose the great thing about semi permanent eyeliner, its gym proof, shower proof and waterproof. Not to mention the time saved in the morning getting ready for work. And if you’re going out in the evening and want more of a dramatic look, you can still use eyeliner pencils or gels for a more extreme look by thickening and lengthening the tail. (I don’t advise having heavy tails tattooed on as fashions change, and once tattooed it’s pretty much permanent even though it fades).

The most popular colour for permanent eyeliner is black, but other colours are available including shades of brown and grey - and for the more adventurous, green, blue and violet can really make the eyes ‘Pop’. Although it is the most popular choice, some care needs to be taken with black eyeliner tattoos. To ensure the black doesn’t fade out to blue as the tattoo ages, I always warm the colour up to a very, very dark brownish black. This eliminates this possible issue entirely.

All in all, this is a treatment that provides beautiful, pain free, long lasting, semi permanent eye liner.


Lip Tattooing

Lip tattoos are becoming increasingly popular in this busy world we live in. We all know how long it can take us to draw the outside lip line then colouring it in.

Saves valuable time in the morning

Does not wear off half way through the day

Improvements can be done to shape of lips

Can still wear other lipstick over the tattoo if you fancy a change

Re-defines ageing lips


Lip Tattooing - Fuller Lips For a Glamorous Appearance

More and more women are opting for lip tattooing, also known as semi permanent lip blush or lip tint, to save time in the mornings and to improve the symmetry of their lips. Lip tattooing can’t actually make your lips bigger but it can give the illusion of fuller lips and it is becoming a popular alternative to lip fillers, which generally last a fraction of the time tattooing does.


For Refinement

Lip tattooing is great for refining the lips; especially as we get older our lip line starts to ‘break up’ which can look quite ageing. A line is tattooed around the lips along the vermilion border first, and then colour is added to the lips. Some clients still prefer to have semi permanent lip liner but if you want a more natural enhanced look, it’s best to add colour on the inside or keep the line fairly thin and in a more neutral colour.


Different Colours

If you’re having a colour that’s close to your natural lip colour you don’t have to have colour completely over the lips, you can have what I call a volumising lip blush: a blush of colour going towards the centre of the lips. But If you are opting for a strong colour then my advice would be to have full lip colour.

Unfortunately lip tattooing isn't for everyone, if you’re dark skinned and have dark or variegated (darker on the outside, lighter in the middle) lips, semi permanent lip tattooing probably isn't for you. We cannot lighten darker lips, so if you wanted a pink or bright red, it’s just not going to happen, you will just be wasting your money. Also with variegated lips, you may get some colour into the light area but you will still have differences in colour. Also with tattooing darker lips, there’s the danger of the lips becoming more pigmented.


Eyebrow Tattoos

With thick eyebrows very much in vogue at the moment, eyebrow tattooing is currently one of our most in-demand forms of permanent make up at our London clinic.

Gives your face a perfect frame

No more penciling brows in

Natural look created with individual hair tattoos

Correct asymmetrical brows

Thicker brows for a younger look


London Clinic

Designer Permanent Makeup

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