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English Tutor in London

GCSE English tuition in London

Like GCSE Maths, GCSE English Literature and Language will be graded from 1-9 from 2017 onwards. This means there is an additional grade above the current A*, with level 4-5 being the current grade C and being considered a pass.

If you are thinking about GCSE English tuition whether it is for the first time or it is a GCSE re-sit, then London Tutor Company can help as we have Leeds based GCSE English tutors for both English Language and Literature. Contact Us!


A Level English tuition in London

London Tutor company has excellent A level English Language and Literature tutors who all have the qualifications and experience to help our pupils succeed. If you are thinking about A level English tuition and would like to enquire about booking an English tutor then contact Leeds Tutor company today for more information about our A level English tutors in Leeds.

GCSE English and A Level English Revision Resources


Maths Tutor in London

GCSE Maths Tuition in London

Because the new GCSE Syllabus has been adapted, more students than ever require help with their GCSE Maths course in order to help them succeed and attain a level they are happy with. The new grading system means that students are now awarded a level between 1 and 9, with the level 9 now above the current A*. At London Tutor Company, our GCSE Maths tutors are well aware of all the changes made to the GCSE Maths curriculum and are comfortable in delivering these to a very high standard. Therefore if you are looking for a GCSE Maths tutor in London or any of the surrounding areas, make sure you contact London Tutor Company!


A Level Maths tuition in London

A level Maths has become the most popular A level subject with over 10% of A level students selecting it each year. This is because universities are putting more focus on academic A level subjects as competition for places in the top universities is rife.

Our A level Maths tutors in London are focused on helping each and every student achieve the grade their ability and hard work deserves. Whether that is a C or an A*, it doesn’t matter as our A level Maths tutors are committed to each and every pupil achieving their potential. Contact Leeds Tutor Company today to enquire about the A level Maths tuition we provide in the Leeds area.


KS2 Maths and English tuition in London

This is arguably the most important time for a student’s development as Key Stage Two is where you learn to read more advanced texts, develop a writing style and learn the fundamentals of Maths. These key skills underpin every other academic subject and are therefore so crucial in helping an individual to develop and succeed academically. At London Tutor Company our KS2 Maths and English tutors appreciate the significance of helping to develop a pupils writing style and correct mathematical methods whilst trying to make the content and material engaging so that our students become as passionate as our tutors.


Contact London Tutor Company to discuss our Key Stage Two Maths and English tuition in London.


KS3 Maths, English and Science tuition in London

The KS3 Maths, Science and English curriculum contains a lot of variation that requires a good level of fundamental knowledge that should have been embedded at KS2. It isn’t unusual to have students at KS3 and GCSE that are struggling in some of the key areas such as long multiplication, basic grammar and punctuation and as a result we often see basic errors being made at KS3 that slow the progress of the students down. A common example of this is algebra which ,any students dislike at KS3 and GCSE but if this basic skill isn’t learnt well at a younger age then students usually go on to find GCSE Maths really difficult as a large proportion of the GCSE Maths syllabus is reliant on this knowledge. Therefore our London based KS3 tutors ensure that the basics of the subject, whether that be English, Maths or Science, are clearly understood and embedded before moving on to more advanced topics.

For higher ability students this initial stage of the tuition will be extremely quick and effectively a brief revision session to ensure they are confident in all the key areas. Unfortunately, in school, students don’t get the opportunity to revisit these topics and are often to embarrassed or scared to ask for the teacher to help. Private tuition is a student’s chance to ask anything and cover everything to ensure they have the confidence and belief to succeed.

If you are looking for a Maths, English or Science tutor in London, contact London Tutor Company today.

GCSE and A Level Maths Revision Resources


Science Tutor in London

GCSE Science tuition in London

London GCSE Science Tutors

GCSE Science has undergone a number of changes to the exam structure with first exams in 2018. Current year 11’s that are sitting Biology, Chemistry and Physics separately will have 9 exams, each lasting an hour, resulting in 3 GCSE’s in the separate Science subjects. The current syllabus also includes a 10% coursework element that is no longer in the new syllabus. The new combined Science which results in 2 general Science GCSE’s is composed of 4 exams, and the new separate Biology, Chemistry and Physics GCSE’s now have 2 exams each totalling 6 in all. All new GCSE Science examinations are terminally assessed.

Considering GCSE Science tuition? Would you like a tutor who can help with Biology, Chemistry and Physics? Contact Leeds Tutor Company and we will help to find you a GCSE Science tutor in London.


A Level Biology tuition in London

A level Biology consists of cellular topics such as organelles, DNA replication and translation as well as whole organism topics such as succession and ecology. Some students select A level Biology as they found it very interesting at GCSE but often misjudge the jump in difficulty and complexity. Biology tuition can be a great way to help bridge the gap between GCSE and A level. London Tutor Company has knowledgeable and experienced A level Biology tutors providing expert one to one Biology tuition in Leeds and the surrounding areas. If you are considering booking an A level Biology tutor in London.


A Level Chemistry tuition in London

From organic Chemistry to the intricacies of the periodic table, A level Chemistry is certainly a challenging subject. At London Tutor Company we have enthusiastic A level Chemistry tutors that love the subject and are passionate about making a difference to our pupils. Contact London Tutor Company if you are thinking about booking an A level Chemistry tutor in London or would like more information about the tuition services we provide.


A Level Physics tuition in London

London Tutor Company have a selection of exceptional A level Physics tutors in London. A level Physics is a mixture of complex theory with things like particle physics and tricky maths problems in mechanics. Our A level Physics tutors have seen every type of Physics question that has come up on the Physics exams and they are well practised in tuition for AQA, Edexcel and OCR exam boards.


KS3 Science Tuition in London

If you have a child who is interested or struggling in Biology, Chemistry or Physics at KS3 then our KS3 Science tutors in Leeds can help to bring the best out of them and either fuel a passion for Science or at least help a child who is really struggling to understand the subject.

KS3 Science is where key concepts such as evolution, the periodic table and atomic structure are introduced. Understanding how electrons work in Chemistry and how natural selection has shaped all the physical characteristics we see in living organisms in Biology are just two aspects of KS3 Science that students have to get their heads around. Some of the concepts are tricky and if children don’t feel they ‘get it’ then they become less engaged and it can be a downward spiral. Our KS3 Science tutors in London are passionate about all three Sciences and look to share this enthusiasm with each and every pupil. So whether your child is struggling with KS3 Biology or looking to make improvements in Chemistry or simply wants to further their knowledge in Physics, our KS3 Science tutors can help with all three subjects. If you would like more information about the KS3 Science tuition we provide in the London area then contact us today and one of our friendly team will be happy to help.

GCSE Sciences, A level Biology, Chemistry and Physics Revision Resources


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