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Learn English online via Skype with Generation English

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Hello & thank you for viewing our advert.

My name is Michael and I am the founder Director of Generation English.

Generation English provides online English teaching services from the United Kingdom to casual learners, Business professionals and students preparing for exams.


Our online tutors are mother tongue British, ESL certified and recruited based upon their teaching qualifications, exam preparation knowledge and experience in Business.

We pride ourselves on supplying the highest quality English language services for Levels A1 to C2.


Why Study Online with Generation English?


Our qualified ESL tutors use the latest online Learning Management Software to help our students study remotely with proven lesson materials. Our online lessons are structured and fun.


We can give you the opportunity to study online with an experienced English tutor who will guide you through your bespoke learning programme at a pace and time to best meet your needs.


Our Lessons Online Together


Our tutors can use SKYPE, Google Hangouts or ZOOM to communicate with students online.


These free online tools provide great audio & video quality for our lessons so we can see and hear each other clearly.


Within your online lesson you will be able to view our Learning Management Software (web based) at the same time as your tutor so you can learn together in real time.


Your Language Evaluation


All students complete an evaluation test online via our e-learning platform after a free Demo/Introductory lesson together. This evaluation enables us to assess the level of your English.


Within your free Demo Lesson your tutor will conduct a Teaching Needs Analysis, which will help us assess your learning needs/goals so we can, together, devise a suitable study programme for you.


Customised Learning


Our lessons are always planned and customised to fit the specific needs of our students.


Lessons are based around proven classroom learning principles, with lots of dialogue and supportive mentoring. It is very much a communicative and concept-based teaching methodology.

We make your lessons bespoke, interesting and enjoyable.


Learning Management Software


Our lessons are conducted online using a specialist ESL Learning Management online database.


We have access to hundreds of English lessons online, covering listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. We also have specific IELTS, TOEFL and Business English lesson content available for our students.

All homework is conducted online so your tutor can track your progress remotely.


Schedule Your Lessons Online


Students can schedule lessons directly via our online booking service. We want your lessons to take place at a time to suit your busy schedule.


Secure Payments


You can pay for lessons securely when you book through our website securely via PayPal.


Our Value


Qualified ESL tutors (British based and always mother tongue)

Access to our cloud-based e-learning platform

Business English and exam preparation industry experts

Teaching tailored to your learning objectives and needs

Learning materials included via a Learning Management System

We offer professional English language tutoring services


Our Services


Business English (English for work environments)

Conversational English


Listening skills

Pronunciation and accent coaching (Phonetics)

Reading skills

Writing skills


Our Packages


- Demo/Introductory Lesson @20 minutes – Free

- X1 Lesson @60 minutes per lesson (1-2-1 online) - £40.00

- Casual Conversations English Package - £264.00

- X8 lessons (1-2-1 online) @60 minutes per lesson

- Business Professional English Package - £280.00

- X8 lessons (1-2-1 online) @60 minutes per lesson

- Exam Expert English Package - £280.00

- X8 lessons (1-2-1 online) @60 minutes per lesson

- Intensive General English Package - £1,200.00

- X40 lessons (1-2-1 online) @60 minutes per lesson - normally taken over 4 weeks.

- Custom English Packages – Please enquire via e-mail


For further information about our services please take a look at our Website, Blog and Social Media channels.

We can't wait to hear from you!

Best Regards

Michael @ Generation English


United Kingdom

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Thursday, 07 June 2018
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