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CW Services is the emergency plumber South London residents can rely on in any plumbing emergency. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a small job such as replacing a tap washer or a larger one like fitting a new stop-cock, or getting your gas boiler working again. Whatever the job, we understand that when you have a plumbing emergency in your home, it’s something that has to be dealt with quickly and efficiently, such as frozen pipes in winter, CW Services Plumbing and Heating are only a phone-call away, 24/7.

An emergency plumber South London residents can rely on has to be local. If you normally use a company based further afield, you’re more likely to face a protracted wait while they work their way towards you. As are on call in South London, we often find that the emergency calls we take are from nearby.

If your emergency is a genuine one, (like water spewing out all over the place which you can’t turn off), we’ll down tools on what we’re doing and get straight round to you to deal with the emergency. Don’t worry. What is that Commercial Union says? Oh yes. We won’t make a drama out of a crisis. We’ll come round and fix it.

Emergency Plumbers London 020 7733 6812
What is a Plumbing Emergency?

The types of plumbing emergencies we are often called out for include:

- Unblocking drains & Repairing burst or leaking Pipes

- Repairing a broken toilet or shower

- Hot Water Repairs

- Unblocking drains

- Fixing a hidden plumbing leak

And more – so if your hot water is broken, your radiators are not heating,

give us a call now on 07949 095 184


A fair price for a great job – emergency or not

CW Services are the emergency plumber South London residents can trust. As well as not making a drama out of a crisis, we won’t rip you off like some unscrupulous plumbers might. We are a member of the Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineers.

We’ve held that accreditation for a long time now, because:

We do quality work

We charge a fair price

We always turn up when we say we will

We are Gas Safe registered

Emergency Plumbers London 020 7733 6812
Turn off the stop-cock and call CW Services Plumbing and heating Ltd.

If you do have a plumbing emergency and your plumbing has sprung a leak, the first thing you should do is to try and turn off the water supply. Most stop-cocks are located in the kitchen below the sink. This is where the cold water comes into your home. To turn it off you’ll need to find a spanner that fits and turn the stop-cock in a clockwise direction until the flow of water stops. Then call us. If you can’t turn it off yourself, phone us and tell us. We’ll be there on your doorstep as soon as we can; usually within an hour or two, earlier if we possibly can.

Some plumbers exploit customers who are in an emergency situation because very often they have nowhere else to turn. You won’t find that with us. You will always pay a fair price for a quality job. Emergency call outs are our bread and butter. They are a great source of future work. When people know they can trust and rely on us, they very often come back to us again when they’ve got a plumbing job they want doing. It’s how we get most of our work; that and recommendation. The emergency plumber South London residents trust. Why being the emergency plumber South London residents call matters to us

If you have a crisis and you need a plumber, call the emergency plumber South London residents trust. Call CW Services (Plumbing and Heating) 020 7733 6812

Emergency Plumbers London 020 7733 6812

Main Office

T: 020 7733 6812

M: 07949 095 184


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