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A boiler service is an important part of running any home and property and is strongly recommended by all boiler manufacturers across the board. It is important that on an annual basis you undergo a service by a Gas Safe registered engineer who will be able to assess and appropriately service your property’s boiler. Whether the property in question is your place of abode or if you are the landlord and rent it out, the servicing is your responsibility.

These services are crucial for all boilers, as if they are not looked after and maintained properly, a range of dangers can occur including Carbon monoxide poisoning, electrical faults and a lack of hot water and heating throughout the property, all of which can put you, your family and any residents in danger.

Many new appliances and boilers with 7 year warranties require annual checks and maintenance to maintain their warranty’s validity. Our engineers are experienced in carrying out such tests and will arrange a timeslot to suit you. We will always where requested provide a detailed breakdown of our services, meaning you will never be hit by hidden fees or extra charges for a service.

Contact us today to arrange a service at a time that suits you and our friendly, local and experienced engineers will arrange the much-needed maintenance you require.


What an Annual Boiler Service includes

An annual boiler service looks at a variety of factors involving your boiler and its workings and we routinely carry out all the essential criteria to ensure its smooth running. Every relevant aspect of the boiler needs to be paid attention to and no component or feature can be missed out.

All our engineers are Gas Safe registered and will work to ensure the healthy running of your boiler and the prolonging of its service to you, your family, any tenants and your property for many years to come. For the service, the engineer will make an initial assessment; both visual and more detailed. From there they will remove the outer cover of the boiler and begin paying close attention to the working parts that require servicing, leaving no stone unturned.


Boiler Services by Gas Safe

Our services routinely include:

Visual examination of the appliance and its flue to confirm that it is suitably located and installed in accordance will all relevant regulations.

Check that all radiators are in working order

Bleed all the radiators of air

Checking and adjusting burner pressure and gas rates.

Confirming that the appliance is capable of safe operation.

Examination and testing of appliance, flue, safety devices, controls and components

Examination and cleaning of combustion chamber, fan, heat exchanger burner etc

We check the rest of the system for any defects whilst on a service call and address them to the customer.

A certificate to keep your boiler warranty validated.

Annual email reminder so you won’t forget when the next service is due.


How Much Does a Boiler Service Cost?

Routine boiler services, when nothing is amiss and there is nothing wrong with your boiler cost between £70 – £100 which is paid as a one-off fee. There are schemes available to insure your boiler and in these cases, servicing will usually be covered, meaning you will not have to pay separately for it.


Common Problems with Boilers

Boilers are the hot water and heating hubs of our homes and they are very complex. Therefore, by their very nature they have the capability to cause all nature of problems when something goes wrong. There are however, some issues with boilers of all types that are more common than others and these will almost always require more than just a service:


Heating and Hot Water Faults – Water needs to pass through all of the pipes of the property in order to be distributed evenly and as it should be. The boiler which will almost always be powered by gas. The boiler system will have a gas intake that will bring in natural gas from an external mains supply. It then heats up the water when required to do so, then allowing it to spread throughout the property. There are various reasons why the hot water and central heating may not work. For example, the system may need a power flush.


Thermostat and Temperature Regulation – All properties will have a thermostat. It purpose is to monitor the temperature of the property and when set accordingly heat the property. The way thermostats work is by constantly monitoring the temperature in a property and switching on the heating when it is deemed too cold. Should a thermostat fail or stop working properly, the heating will not react as it should and may come on at inappropriate times or switch when required to stay on. This is something you should raise with a gas engineer if it occurs as it may indicate a fault with the boiler system.


Electrical Faults – There is a very important electrical aspect to boilers and it is electricity that powers and runs them. Should the electrics of the boiler fail or stop working as they should, the boiler will not be able to perform properly and may either stop working or may only function at a lower level. One of the risks here is that if the boiler doesn’t stop working but simply reduces its function, poisonous Carbon monoxide may be released which can be fatal.


Get in Touch for Boiler Servicing

Contact our local and experienced team today to arrange boiler servicing packages to suit you and your property. We have satisfied thousands of clients over the years and have decades of experience in the area.

Call Us: 0800 043 4349


Gas Safe Heating & Plumbing Ltd Service Price List

Our Service

Service an LFE, DFE or Basket type gas fire - £80.00

Service a wall hung boiler - £80.00

Service a floor standing boiler - £80.00

Service a Convector gas fire - £80.00

Quotations on new heating appliances and systems - FREE

Power flushing charges - £ P.O.A

Hourly rate (Charged per ½ hour after the first hour) - £80.00

Fit a NEST Thermostat (supplied by customer) - £150.00

Carry out a Legionella Assessment - £125.00

Carry out a landlord’s gas safety inspection with boiler service - £105.00

Carry out a landlord’s gas safety inspection - £75.00


58A Beckenham Lane, Shortlands,

Bromley, Kent, BR2 0DQ

Phone:020 8464 3189 / 0800 043 4349

Monday – Friday: 08.30 – 17.30

Saturday – Sunday: closed


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