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Maintain A Sunny, Neat, And Tidy Garden With Tree Surgery In London


Besides standing out like a sore thumb, an exceptionally high tree comes with other distinct disadvantages. For instance, It's large shadow may stunt the development of the plants below, its sprawling branches - damage your gutters, and the tree itself may suddenly collapse under the brunt of a heavy storm.


The tree care professionals are equipped with a wide variety of tools and safety equipment to ascend to the top of your tree and perform:

Tree pruning & lopping: Protecting your plant from diseases by cutting its dead leaves and branches;

Tree felling: Disposing of fallen trees in your yard as a result of a storm or nearby construction work;

Crown reduction: Shaping the tree's canopy to invite more sunrays over and prevent property damage;

Stump grinding: Removing ancient stumps from your garden by shredding them into free wood chips;

Ivy removal: Spraying the ivy around your trees or property with a weed killer containing glyphosate;

Large bush removal: Cutting down or uprooting shrubs that take up too much space in your garden.


The Tree Surgeons in London Are Here to Help – Here's How


With great tree maintenance comes great amounts of green waste. You will be happy to learn that the specialists can gladly dispose of up to 180 litres free of charge. Upon your request and for a little bit extra, the skilled arborists in London can also use a shredder to chop all extra leaves and branches into perfectly usable mulch! But that's just one of the benefits you can take advantage of:

Pruning shears, trimmers, chainsaws, and stump grinders are on us;

Qualified and insured experts who will use professional climbing gear;

The service involves maintenance or removal of up to 65-feet-tall trees;

Make bookings for workdays, weekends, and bank holidays;

Discounts for booking several services such as garden design and patio cleaning.


Our tree surgery service is not hourly based, instead each project is quoted individually. For this purpose we ask all our London clients to send us photos of the trees they want taken care of. Once we view the photos, we can give you a free quote and a rough estimate of how long the job would take. If you are satisfied with the offer, just let us know and we will make an appointment. The arborists will come to your property fully equipped with all need instruments. We can collect up to 180 litres of green waste as part of the service.

Note: If your tree is protected by UK law, you will need a permission from your local council before you could make any changes to the plant itself.




With trimming, pruning, and weeding often being a real headache, it's easy to forget about the joy your garden once brought you. Opt for our hourly-based lawn maintenance services and let us turn your green space from a chore into something you look forward to seeing every day.


Regardless if you own a mansion at the heart of the capital or a small home in its outskirts, the professionals will always arrive to aid you with:

Lawn care: The gardeners can mow your grass to a perfect height, edge the borders, inject oxygen to enrich the soil, and more;

Leaf clearance: Leaves, grass clippings, branches... We pack and dispose of 180 litres of garden waste as part of the service;

Weeding: All parasitic plants will be sprayed with efficient weed killers or uprooted to protect your garden's vegetation;

Hedge and small trees trimming: The team will tame dishevelled plants by pruning extra leaves, buds, and branches;

Patio and driveway cleaning: The specialists will remove grime and moss from your yard with water under high pressure.


What Makes Gardening in London the Better Choice?


It's simple – our garden services can provide you with the results you need at the time you need them. Unlike other competitors, we are fully available for every workday, weekend, and bank holiday on the calendar. The gardeners can also arrive on a weekly, biweekly, and monthly basis to scythe and prune the garden for you.


And weather isn't a factor, either! But that's not all:

The certified and insured experts will bring along all equipment for the job;

Out of town? Just grant us property access and we'll follow your to-do list;

We can deliver gravel, bark mulch, and other extra materials upon request;

Benefit from great discounts when booking two or more services together;

Receive individual garden care tips based on your property's layout.


Note: Please note that the delivery of additional materials isn't included in the price and needs to be requested at least 2 days in advance.




Not satisfied with the way your garden turned out to be?

Our landscaping services will make your dream garden come to life with no hard work or stress on your side.


The professionals we work with are trained to tackle projects both small and big and have everything in terms of equipment to improve your property's value by offering:

Planting: Seed or relocate plants that perfectly suit your particular environment;

Paving: Create charming pathways from natural stone or various paving slabs;

Levelling: Make your garden flat, even, and ready for its upcoming improvements;

Turf & artificial grass laying: Grow the perfect lush lawn in just a day's time;

Fencing & fence repair: Benefit from stylish and weather-resistant materials;

Decking & decking repair: Get expert painting & varnishing or lay a new deck;

Shed installation & repair: Ensure that you have enough room for your tools.


How Can the Landscapers in London Make Your Garden Better?


Your gardening project can include whatever you need it to include. For instance, we are more than able to help you with individual landscaping tasks, such as laying brand new turf. However, if you think that it's time to rework your garden from scratch, you can mix & match any of our services together to do everything at once and walk away with extra money in your pockets! Discounts on combined bookings aside, our landscaping in London also offers:

All equipment for your gardening project is included in your price;

Customer support that works 24/7 and can offer you free price quotes;

Each session is carried out by a team of two certified & insured experts;

Complimentary garden maintenance advice based on how your garden is set up;

Custom materials and decorations can be provided for an extra cost.


Give us a call today on 020 3404 2273

You’ll be able to book a service over the phone, or find out more about our gardening in London.


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