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Nurses and Babysitters
15 August 2015

Scheme of choosing a nanny


You’ve decided that you can’t handle all cares without a nanny. And it’s not your whim to hire the nanny but it is necessity because you had everything figured out from rational point of view, and the subject of your employment, and especially your career development and pay rise. So to give up job in favor of your child is not your wish.


On the other hand there’s a question about childcare, his or her getting to know the world around us, his or her first steps. The modern mother is torn between her baby and her work.


As a result she has no time to do even usual things. Lack of sleep, malnutrition, over-fatigue lead to nervous breakdowns and depressive situations. The mother starts to show the temper. And only the nanny, who is a master of her trade, can help the mother out. Being an employer, you have to be very careful in the matter of recruitment.


Take risks, while choosing a nanny by yourself


You will not solve the problem, having put the advertisement in a newspaper. You may make a mistake. It’s very difficult to find a professional nanny. In order not to regret, you should look to recruitment company for help. You should understand that it’s impossible to find an experienced nanny with vocational education straightaway. They also prefer to seek employment with help of the Agency. So it’s better to ask the recruitment company for help in order to avoid troubles.


There are several peculiarities which form the assurance of professional behavior of the nanny. Particularly, they are experience in working with children, references and recommendatory letters. Also the Agency usually checks the level of competence in a function, skills in the field of teaching techniques. All these procedures are made by the recruitment company; you only should choose the employee of that age which suits you.


Interview and “proving” day


Cooperation between an employer and an Agency always considers the fact that the employer can represent his requirements to the nanny incorrectly. That’s why every Agency will offer you services of manager, who will help you to make a form with your requirements.


As soon as recruitment work is finished, the manager will fix a meeting for the employer and employee. Before the meetings he gives you all CVs of applicants.


You don’t have to be ashamed of asking the employee the questions about his professional behavior and skills. Also you can find out more information about employee’s experience in working with children in other families.


You have to understand what kind of duties the nanny had before. How old were children?


You have to pay your attention on the psychological aspect. If the nanny enthusiastically tells you about beginner’s luck of her pupils, about their walks, lessons and so on, you can be sure that this person will be a good nanny for your children.


But you have to give back as good as you get. You have to tell the nanny everything about your family, especially about your children. Also you have to discuss her duties in advance.


However, it’s quite difficult to discuss everything straight away. There are some details, which will come to the fore during work. That’s why you should invite the applicant to work a proving day. So you will be able to understand if she will satisfy you or you have to look for another applicant. Also you will see the professional behavior of the nanny, her ability to get on well with a child.


Special aspects of contract


If you sign the contract with an Agency, you have to take into account such thing as personnel replacement. And this is a valid part of every contract, because there are so many happenings in life. The employee can take sick; there can be some unexpected circumstances. That’s why the Agency has to ensure you that they will be able to do personnel replacement. And you don’t have to pay for it.


Work schedule, salary and duties of a nanny should be fixed in a contract. The drafting of the clause of baby-minding mustn’t be very obscure. If you write down all particularities, it’ll help you to avoid problems and conflicts.


Personnel security investigation, security safeguards


If you hire a nanny, you need security safeguards. The nanny is not just a new person in your house, but you will entrust her your all – your baby. That’s why the recruitment company should put the applicant to the test. Primary check includes document inspection, reference letter inspection, and the presence of applicant in the black list.


So due to the recruitment company your chance to find unreliable employee is very small. Some of the companies can offer you additional check of the applicant. For example, you can install a video monitoring. It’s legal, because you will do this in your private house. If you do this in the office, you have to inform the staff about video monitoring.


Some of the companies offer you to use a lie detector. However, the applicant must give his contest to this.


However, you can save your money by asking the nanny whether she is ready to work if there is a video monitoring, and you should look on her reaction. It will not confuse an honest person.


A nanny in the house: attitude formation


You’ve passed all stages and now there is a nanny in your house. So there comes a time, when you have to patch things up. You have to understand that the nanny is not your relative or friend, she is employee.


The professional understands this and will never allow herself to overstep over the framework. The employer shouldn’t discuss family problems with the employee, except the problems connected with the child. It’s better not to provoke the nanny because her excessive sociability can be burdensome.


You have to be attentive to the money and jewelries. You mustn’t litter them. Your prosperity may excite envy.


On the other hand, the presents for birth day or other celebrations are such attentions, that don’t provoke and enjoin on something.


You don’t have to get worked up. If you don’t trust your employee, it’s better not to hire the nanny at all. But the experienced professional will better your lot.



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