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Nurses and Babysitters
08 August 2015

Family, like employees, in the private residence


The most efficient solution for a lot of businessmen is to hire a family couple in the country residence. However, there are some shades, which should be taken into account if you want to hire a family.


It’s better to think twice before you’ll decide to hire a family, you should be sure that married couple is the best decision in the field of domestic service.


Why is it a profit making decision to hire a married couple?


In order to be sure that to hire a married couple is a profit making decision, you just need to take a calculator in your hands and count up. If you count up, it’ll be clear, that to pay wages to family is cheaper than to pay wages to two different persons. Moreover, married couple can live together. It can be a small house or a separate room for a staff. While virtual strangers need 2 separate rooms.


Moreover, married couple doesn’t need time for getting used to each other, while people who don’t know each other need some time. A family shows mutual supportiveness and replaceability.


Live –in married couple for work in residence


Usually married couples are invited in residence not only to work, but also to live in. Generally speaking, it’s very convenient for the employer. Day-and-night attendance of estate (of the house and neighborhood area) is provided.


Talking about days off and vacations, we should mention, that these aspects are written in a separate paragraph of the contract. As a rule, there are one or two days off per week. However, they can be flexible or fixed. Also some people prefer don’t take days off every week, but add them to vacations. Usually vacation is lasted for two paid weeks.


It’s very important if married couple prefer to take a vacation together or to take it in turns. It’s better for the employer, if couple decide to take a vacation in turns, because he doesn’t need to think where he should find short-time workers.


Proper staff recruitment for work in the private residence


Choosing a married couple, we have to understand all requirements of the employer. One should be aware, that members of the family are helpers, but not single-skilled specialists. There’s no point to ask a woman to improve child’s understanding of linguistics or other science. You have to find a governess with specialized education.


Also you don’t have to expect the woman to be a good dry nurse for an infant. First of all, she needs to have medical education and pedagogic skills. If there is an infant in the family of the employer, the woman doesn’t have to do housework.


You also can’t ask the man for the moon. He doesn’t have to be an ace behind the wheel or chief cook.


What are the duties of married couple in the private residence?


You have to get your priorities right. The employer, having decided what kind employees he really needs, can start headhunting.


If the employer is looking for a couple through the agency, he has to discuss with the staff members all details. For example, the employer can ask to take into account that woman can cook very well. So it’ll be possible to have a cook, who will be able to cook for the family of the employer. Also it’s possible to discuss such moment that she will mind the baby. And it’s necessary to understand that it’s impossible to demand from employees to do everything. If it’s very important for you to keep your house clean, and she has to do with expensive furniture and clothes, you have to discuss it in advance.


Also you have to discuss the duties of man. It’s clear that he shouldn’t a driver, a plumber, a joiner all of a lump, but he has to be able to control essential services. That is to make minor repairs. Also he has to shovel away snow, greenery and to be able to work in the garden.


On the other hand, the employer has to discuss if the employee has driver license, prior experience working with gardening equipment and even to do with listening dogs.


Service fee of laboring family


There is no absolute answer how much should the married couple be paid, because it depends on a lot of details. It can depend on the size of land parcel around the house and even the size of the house.


But the price of labor is formed by the labor market. Work experience, proficiency training and education are very important here.


It’s clear that people from Moscow or other cities or towns will receive higher salary than people from the former Soviet Union. There are also some details. It depends on what country the employees come from. If they are not from Russian Federation or Belarus, the question about residence registration should be solved.


All employers pay attention to the age of employees. Some of them consider that the more profitable cooperation is with the younger families. However, you have to understand that young couples have to be paid higher than the employer expect. Also the experience and skills don’t depend on the age.


The experience of a lot of agencies shows that best employees are those couples, who are around fifty, fifty-five years old or even older. And standards of salary are lower.


The sum from seventy thousands to one hundred thousand rubles can be the guideline of the payment for work. If the employer budget is lower, it’s better to pay attention to the couples from other countries. People from Ukraine have to be paid around sixty thousands rubles, people from Asia have to be paid around forty-five – fifty thousand rubles. However, all these numbers are only guideline.


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