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Nurses and Babysitters
28 September 2016

Similar to the nanny groom and handyman couple’s role, a nanny housekeeper is required when the duties involve the whole family, not just the children. The position can either be on a live in basis or daily, and a nanny housekeeper will ensure the children are put first, before undertaking housekeeping duties.


The duties of the nanny housekeeper are wide-ranging and unique to each family.

There are some typical duties which may include:

General household cleaning and tidying.

Laundry and ironing.

Cooking and assisting in the kitchen.

Caring for children and babysitting.

Driving, including the school run.

Running errands.

Food shopping.

Additional duties may involve guardianship of household keys when the employer is absent, dog walking, pet feeding, and proxy parenting.


Typical handyman duties will include:

General maintenance of the garden, grounds and buildings.

Helping with heavy lifting, both indoor and outdoor.

Running errands.

Maintaining machinery and equipment.

Carrying out minor electrical work.

Carrying out minor plumbing repairs.

Polishing floors or cleaning heavy carpets.

Helping with any pets.


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