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Nurses and Babysitters
24 November 2015

Nowadays it’s quite difficult task for a lot of people to choose domestic staff.

Today we will deal with a question about impeccable nanny, governess, family tutor and carer. Also we are going to tell you about other popular professions, service fee and where you can find them.

Recruitment of domestic staff is a difficult task, which claims more attention than staff recruitment for a company. Because in this particular case the question is about people, who will live and work in your house 24 hours in order to make you comfortable. At this rate there is a set of questions: qualification and competence, service level, psychological aspect (you must feel yourself emotionally comfortable with these people), safety of possessions and tenants of the house, pay level and other aspects.

When you think about all these aspects, it may seem to you that it’s impossible to find a first-stream domestic staff. That’s why in this case you have to pay attention to those countries, where you can find individual nannies, governesses, butlers, gardeners, drivers, etc. with National Diploma in this profession.

Regarding experience level, professional behavior, ethicality and upbringing, palm of victory nowadays belongs to Great Britain. The fact is that hiring carers, butlers, gardeners and other representatives of domestic staff in Great Britain, you and members of your family will never feel ill at ease because of the presence of “strangers” in your house.

You don’t need to qualify domestic helpers from Great Britain because from the beginning they are professionals of their trade and carry out their responsibilities immaculately.

And it’s usually shown by final qualification certificate of reputable educational institutions. But the best representatives of these professions can impress you with certificate of Royal Academy of housewifery, where only the best staff of the most luxury and notable houses in the world has advanced trainings.


English representatives of what professions should you hire and how much does it cost?

Representatives of domestic staff from England are ideal competent employees, qualitatively carrying out their duties and never making free with their employers. Why are we sure of it? The thing is that in England people are very strict and at the same time reverential toward observance of culture of etiquette, especially, it refers to domestic staffs, which know taste and decency and never go beyond the pale. In other words, Englishry and final qualification certificate, received in Great Britain, are peculiar quality labels.

It’s also important that British domestics are responsible fulfilling their professional duties and at the same time they are particular about the cut of their jib. So if you want to organize a dinner-party or banquet in your house, you can be sure, that domestic staff with good manners and excellent cut of jib will welcome your guests, it will also lay emphasis of your status and presentability of your house.

If you give serious thought to hiring English domestic staff, you should make use of services of competent employment agencies.

Nannies, governesses and carers

Nannies and governesses from England are the most popular professions of domestic staff. Actually nannies from England do not only take care of your baby but also teach him or her English from an early age and in course of time your child becomes bilingual.

Every qualified nanny from England must have particular graduation certificate from one of the following educational institutions: Norland, Chitern Nannies, London Montessory Nanny School, etc. Governesses and family tutors should also have Diploma in Psychology or in Education Science.

As regards service fee, in comparison, you can hire competent Russian nanny in Moscow and pay her around 40 000 -50 000 rubles per month, but competent nanny, governess or carer from England should be paid around 200 000 rubles per month exclusive of expenditures for visa, flight tickets and other expenses.

You should remember that even if a nanny lives in your house, it doesn’t mean that she should work twenty-four hours. Her shift is ten hours and two days off per week. Of course if you need her to work extra hours/days, it must be discussed and pointed in the contract, also you should note additional payment for extra hours in the contract. Besides, some nannies or governesses do not want to live in a separate room or in a house for domestic staff. In this particular case the employer should hire an apartment not far from his house and sometimes he should arrange for the transfer.


Professional butlers

In these later days it becomes very popular to hire butlers from England. Basically the butler is a topsman of house or of fully equipped household. Among his professional duties are: to control  work performance by other members of domestic staff, to welcome the guests in the name of the owner of the house or the family, to run the household and to execute employer’s orders, to control work of suppliers, to make arrangements for trips of employer, his family or guests, to ensure security, to assist the staff with serving dishes and drinks, to make preparations for meal/ formal banquets, to make and to maintain family budget, to control wine vault, to maintain realty and also cars and yachts. Sometimes the butler has functions of chief cook, bodyguard and others.

As much as the other representatives of domestic staff the butler from England must finish special vocational trainings, which help him to perform his duties irreproachably and also he should have working experience in a private residence or in a prestigious hotel. Of course, the cost of services of such professional is not low, but it’s very difficult to define average cost because it depends on following aspects: a butler can live out or live in, he can perform all duties mentioned before or just a part of these duties. Anyway we should mention that the salary of competent butler with wide range of duties and responsibility is almost the same as the salary of a top manager of established company.



As a rule, when employer looks for a driver, he also needs a bodyguard. That’s why this labor can be performed by one or two persons. Generally, the driver is a driver for the whole family of employer and sometimes for guests also, he is responsible for the safety of the passengers and for attendance of cars. If the driver is also a bodyguard, in this particular case he is responsible for life of employer and/or his family and he is a member of security provider of a house. As a rule, these people have working experience in police, army or security service.

The cost of such services also depends on the duties, difficulty of work and place of residence (live-in or live-out). Russian driver with duties of bodyguard should be paid around 100 000 – 150 000 rubles per month. If you would like to hire a professional from England, the salary will be higher.

Foreign competent drivers-bodyguards are very popular in Russia because usually they don’t know Russian, so they don’t understand the speech of employer and don’t posses extra information.



Competent gardener from Great Britain is a dream of a lot of owners of luxury houses. Only he can create a formal garden near your house and make beautiful winter green-house. The gardener must also have special certificate. It’s very good if he has certificate of further vocational trainings. Your choice of a gardener depends on your preferences in landscape gardening, that’s why you have to acquaint yourself with portfolio of the applicant, before signing the contract. The salary of the gardener depends on his duties, difficulties of work and the shift. On an average a competent gardener from Great Britain gets around 100 000 – 150 000 rubles per month.


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