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06 October 2015

Regular and qualitative housecleaning of cottages is one of the main factors not only of making home feel cozy, but also of guaranty of family members’ health. Housecleaning of country houses is very important and at the same time very hard work, which requires a lot of time, energy and money. Taking into account dynamic rhythm of modern life, hardly anybody has enough time to clean his house in a proper manner. Let alone the owners of big private residences and cottages!


Spring clean of cottages includes a range of activities hardly anybody is able to perform on his own because these activities require to have a certain experience and skills and also to have special equipment. Housecleaning of cottages must be carried out with account of architectural and other features of the house. We should mention that housecleaning of cottages can be in stark contrast to city apartments. Most often effective housecleaning of separate houses requires special disinfectants and personal protective equipment.


Housecleaning of cottages and houses is carried out by experienced staff, which is familiar with all subtle details of cleaning service. Our professionals use their skills with the maximum effectiveness and do everything possible to make your house clean.


Housecleaning of cottages includes such services as:

- Dry and wet cleaning of floors or hardwood flooring in the house;

- Mopping;

- Taking out the trash;

- Disinfection of toilets;

- Removing the dust from the surfaces;

- Cleaning of windows, mirrors, pipes;

- Cleaning of furniture and carpets, stain removal.


Housecleaning of cottages can also include cleaning of household appliances, removal of grease from kitchen stove and walls, removal of oxide from the production of bronze and copper, etc. Housecleaning is carried out with all requests and recommendations of customer. It should be noted that our staff members use modern cleaning agents produced by proved sire; these cleaning agents are life and health friendly.


Professional housecleaning of cottages and houses is an available service; even the most economic customer will be pleased by our affordable prices. Housecleaning will put a new face on your house and make it tidy, create harmony and comfort. You don’t need to make efforts and worry about anything. Staff members of the cleaning company will do everything by their own whenever it’s convenient for a customer. You just enjoy an excellent result of our work!


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