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05 October 2015

Today housecleaning is easier than it was before because of new opportunities with the participation of cleaning companies. Professional housecleaning at a reasonable price will allow you to make away with necessity to spend your time and energy doing heavy work around the house.


Nowadays it becomes very popular to call cleaning companies; this can be explained by a variety of causes:

- People need more time for their hobbies;

- Professionals do their job fast and in a quality manner:

- The prices are moderate for a lot of customers;

- The customers can choose a set of services and time;

- The company offers you not only one-time services, but also regular cleanings on an on-going basis.


Professional housecleaning in London is performed at high level by a cleaning company, which rapidly grows since 2002. Housecleaning includes individual attention to every customer, customer adaptation, and control of employees’ work. Only competent personnel work in our company, our employees are skilled and experienced; they have special equipment and cleaning items. All this helps us to do even the heaviest job in time and put a good show!


All-in one cleaning service is usually done very fast, qualitatively and nattily. Urgent housecleaning will allow you to have your apartment clean within a short time. We use effective, ecologically clean and undangerous for health modern household chemicals for housecleaning.


Our professional employees, equipped with modern cleaners, will help you to get rid of impurities of different types, such as splotches, splashes, dust and dirt or even a mess. Housecleaning by the hour guarantees you to put to rights all kinds of surfaces. Due to the use of special cleaning products for a particular surface, the possibility to damage it is eliminated.


Housecleaning is the best solution if you need to prepare your apartment for an important event or celebration or you just want to turn out your house.


Housecleaning includes such services as:

- cleaning off dust and dirt from floors and baseboards, furniture;

- dry cleaning of carpets and upholstered furniture;

- cleaning of glass and mirror surfaces;

- wet cleaning of bathrooms and toilets (wiping walls and furniture, washing of shower cabin, bathtubs, sinks, faucets, toilet, bidet);

- cleaning of kitchen (cleaning of furniture and catering equipment from contamination, washing dishes);

- taking out the trash.


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