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02 October 2015

Office cleaning is the basis for turning out the rooms, for increasing working capacity of employees, for providing your clients and business partners with favored state of mind. Spring cleaning and everyday cleaning are important parts of working process in every modern company. Such cleanings require a certain experience in the cleaning field as well as in using special equipment and cleaning products. If you don’t want to solve this problem by yourself, you can entrust cleaning works to the professionals.

The company which has 10-years experience in the field of cleaning works can offer you janitorial services in London. The cheapest office cleaning is very good and effective solution which is available for a wide range of customers whether start-up or large successful company. Our experienced employees are masters of their craft, they can do even time-consuming operations quickly, carefully and in a responsible manner. Over the years we have developed efficient methods of organization cleaning works that can guarantee quick and nice work performance.

Professional office cleaning involves fieldwork, use of high-quality abstergents, produced by reliable producers. These abstergents are ecologically clean and safe for human. Office cleaning services offered by a company will become the best guarantee of scrupulously cleanliness without extra expenses and without any interference with business process. Office cleaning is our everyday work, we enjoy it and we put up a good show!

All-in one office cleaning service includes the visit of group of workers, who specializes in cleanings of different types. Professional office cleaning may include work package; a customer may choose the type of work he needs.

Office cleaning includes:

- Mopping and cleaning of wall coverings;

- Wiping and polishing of the vertical and horizontal surfaces made of different materials, such as glass, looking-glass, wood, tile;

- Removing dust and stains;

- Care of the office furniture and equipment;

- Taking out the trash;

- Watering and handling of plants;

- Sanitation of toilets.

Office cleaning in evenings is a particularly convenient solution, because it allows the rooms of any size and layout to be perfectly clean without any disturbance of usual workflow. Janitorial service is not worth saving money because this factor makes the first impression on your customers and partners and provides a comfortable environment for your staff.

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