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01 June 2016

It’s very good to be a woman… Why? Becausewhensituation gets out of hand, everything gets broken, wall-paper is peeling, the tap is leaking and so on, you always can ask for help your man or “hire a hubby”.

Sometimes men face such situations when they also needwoman’s help in cleaning the house. And you don’t need to get married in this case, you can invite “a wife for an hour” to help around the house.

A lot of men do justice to this service:

You can invite the professional cleaner at a time which is convenient to you.
This service doesn’t cost too much.
Our professionals clean the houses fast and in a quality manner.
So you have apple-pie order in your house not losing your time and energy.

A lot of men who don’t have wife prefer this service. While they are at work, “the wife for an hour” cleans the house, does the windows, and cleans the mirrors and bathroom fitment. You can invite “a wife for an hour” before guests’ visit or wife’s coming.


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