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01 June 2016

If you are really tired of everyday housecleaning or you need cleaning services in your office, we can provide these services for you!


“A wife for an hour” is the best solution of your problems

Sometimes it’s quite difficult to cleanby yourself different types of impurities, such as lime scale and rust. If you don’t want to lose your time trying to clean the carpet, bathroom fitment and other interior items, you should employ professional cleaners’ services. Employees of our company with the help of special cleansers and equipment of leading foreign manufacturers perform following services:

- dust removal from lighting fixture and electric connectors;

- washing of heating radiators;

- disinfection of bathrooms and toilets;

-moist mopping of floors and cove bases;

- deep cleaning of carpets;

- cleaning of balconies;

- doing the windows;

- coating the furniture and hardwood flooring.


Today cleaning is a service which is available just for every person. It’s very popular because this service allows busy people to save their time and energy. We are ready to perform not only such services as everyday cleaning of your apartments, houses and offices, but also full-scale cleaning and cleaning after renovations of your house.


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