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22 August 2015

A lot of people among those, who seek employment, try to find employment not only in Former Soviet Union but also elsewhere around the world. Some of them want to work in a foreign company, but some of them seriously think about moving abroad in order to begin the world anew. The most attractive countries for our fellow countrymen are countries included in European Union.


Every person, who wants to move to Europe, has his own motives in doing it. Some people imagine safe future there because of high incomes, some of them are attracted by the culture and climate, which is milder than Russian climate, some of them just want to be a part of European family. But you don’t have to hurry away, it’s better to consider all pros and contras and try to get as more information about job placement as you can. You have to decide what kind of job you would like to find in Europe.


Volunteer services like an alternative to find a new employment


Volunteer service is the easiest way among the others to get a habitual residence in Europe. Different volunteer projects allow you to get a work experience and habitation in one of the countries of European Union. Even though you will not be paid, but it’s easy to get a job for people of any age group.


What can you get from this kind of activity? First of all, you’ll get face to face interaction with employees like you. As well it’s a good way to learn foreign language and to get a language practice. Moreover, you will have an idea of way of life and culture; those people, who come there like tourists will never know it. Also you can live there prolonged period with minimum expense.


To find an employment while studying in Europe


The younger generation has a good opportunity to find an employment in Europe if they entered the University there. Those students who don’t have citizens of the country where he is going to study receive student visa, which gives them the right to obtain an employment. This right has several qualifications, but still it’s a good opportunity to move to this country, to get education and find a job. Also you may get free education and get a fellowship. But you must know a language very well and to be able to speak this language.


Having received an education, young professionals have an opportunity to get well-paid job, avoiding unskilled jobs. But if your level of language is Elementary, which cause problems in communication and education, you have to complete special training. It will help you to gain knowledge, to meet new people and find contacts, which probably will help you to achieve your dream: receive an education and find an employment in this country.


Migrant labor and short-time work in the European families


Short time work includes such low-skilled jobs as ingathering and agricultural work. Also you may try a hand at welfare work, such as aged care services. A lot of citizens of Russia and Ukraine prefer this alternative, because it’s a good way to obtain work experience abroad and collect some money for new beginning. If the person is not kid glove, he may move to one of European countries for some months and begin the world anew. The best professionals receive working papers from the employer.


Foreign residents can work in Europe if they have authorization to work. Of course, there are some cases of illegal job placement, but it’s very dangerous, that’s why you have to get an authorization to work. It will allow you to be on firm ground and to have a protection by law in disputable situations or accidents.


If your profession is very popular or on the contrary very uncommon, you can try to find an employer, who will make out all documents for you.  A rule of thumb states that highly-skilled professionals can get job offer from European companies, who prepare all documents, accommodate and provide with the best working environment.


Job hunting in Europe via the Internet


The most convenient way to find a job in Europe is search via the Internet, where you can find a lot of advertisements, put on the Internet by employers. In most cases, these are recruiting agencies, which look for employees and earn commission. But also you can seek work by means of websites of the companies, wherein you’d like to work.

If you want to get away with job placement in the abroad company, you have to prepare a resume correctly. It has to be in English or in another foreign language, which uses in European countries. You have to note your degree of skills, professional experience and your advances in the field of work, which you would like to get. It’s better to send an application letter, where you should write why you are ready for this job vacancy.


Find employment by means of subsidiary of foreign company.


If you didn’t get a chance to find employment via the Internet, you can pay your attention to the subsidiaries of foreign companies, situated in our country. The concept of such job placement is that a person gets a job in foreign company, located in his country. And he is assiduous in work, proving, that he is a challenging professional and he can move up the career ladder. And this career progression will help him to move to that country, where he wants to live and work.


A lot of major companies practice this way of job placement, when a successful professional, presented himself well, is transferred to a higher position in the other country. But before you find employment in this company, you have to find out if there is such project, which will allow you to move up the career ladder and move to the other country.


This variant can take a lot of time. But it doesn’t give assurance of successful result, when the applicant can become a head of new business department of the Russian direction in the main office, located in Europe. However, if you have a notion about working peculiarities of the company and superior skills, you can achieve your goals.


Young Hopefuls’ Development Program as a dawn of a new day


There are a lot of programs in European countries which seek young and promising professionals to enhance the staff of major companies. That’s why you can try to apply for participation in the relevant competition held by all the major companies in Europe. The winners get the opportunity to work on probation in one of the offices of the company. This is first step to get the desired job. If the training is successfully completed, the management of the company will offer you a permanent job in one of the offices located in European country.


Acquisition of course, which could help you not to make mistakes


Work search in Europe is a hard ball. If you try to do it by yourself, you can make a lot of fall steps which will not allow you to achieve your goal. But you can always find a reliable assistant, who tells you all peculiarities and pitfalls of the job search in Europe. Free of charge course can become a good assistant for you; while learning, you can receive recommendations, a description of actions and prepare yourself for finding a desired job in one of the European countries.


Having subscribed to one month course, you can see video footage, read e-books and take opinion of the experts of this field. This course will also be interesting for those people, who would like to get free European education and to live or just to visit one of the European countries, saved his money.



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