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03 May 2018

All About Microblading Eyebrows Technique- Unveiling The Best 3d embroidery eyebrows Technique


There is no women on god’s green earth who does not want to have the perfectly shaped eyebrows. Eyebrows are the most important part of a face which either makes your face more attractive or unattractive. What if we say that you can those lush like eyebrows immediately?


Well it is true. You can get your eyebrows done perfectly with the help of microblading. It is quite boring to get up every morning and get do your eyebrows makeup. How about getting permanent eyebrows makeup and getting rid of all of labor you have to put daily on marking your eyebrows look perfect? Microblading can make it possible for you to have permanent makeup eyebrows. Now there might be a lot of questions in your mind about microblading, about the process, procedure etc. So let us know the answers of all these questions and clear all your queries.


What Is Eyebrow Microblading? All About this Incredible Eyebrows Embroidery Method

Every woman fantasize about having perfect eyebrows and even after spending so much time in giving them a shape with pencils and shadowing them, they do not get the shape that they want. USA microblading is here to announce that the modern technique that can make your eyebrows look like the supermodel’s eyebrows. This new technology is making people crazy and this procedure seems very intimidating to the makeup artists. Microblading in California is training a lot of makeup artists these days and making them flawless on the art of microblading.


This is process which consists of such procedure which will provide permanent makeup of eyebrows. Microblading is also known as eyebrow embroidery, etching, feathering etc. Here is a video attached below which will show you the whole process of microblading. In the process of microblading, a special blade holder pen is utilized for manual deposition of pigments under the top layer of skin. The technique is capable of making your eyebrows perfect no matter what amount of hair to present. This is an incredible chance for all such people who are looking for getting their eyebrows enhanced.


Microblading technique:

All those people who have ever utilized the technique of microblading for eyebrows enhancement, have got outstanding results and they all have been duly satisfied. With the use of fine blades, pigments are settled under the top layer of the skin and above the skin. We use the blade to create such an impression on the skin, which appears like real eyebrows. This process of microblading is even more intimidating cosmetic surgery than tattooing.


What is 3d Eyebrows?

3d Eyebrows is the same as Microblading Eyebrows. This process suits people who are not satisfied with their eyebrows. 3d Eyebrows microblading is also best for people who have excessively plucked brows. 3d Eyebrows Microblading can make your brows look amazing again. It improves your appearance and gives you an unprecedented level of confidence.


Who is Microblading For?

Ask yourself:

If you have sparse eyebrows

If you have got any scars in your eyebrows

If you accidentally got your eyebrows over plucked

If your eyebrows does not have sufficient hair or if the hairs of your eyebrows have stopped growing

If your eyebrows are unsymmetrical

If you are tired of drawing your eyebrows on daily basis with pencils

If you have desire of having lush and perfectly shaped eyebrows

If you answer yes to any questions above, microblading is for you.


Microblading Procedure:

When you arrive at the microblading clinic, you will get to wait till your appointment comes up.

You will sign the agreement to have the procedure done.

On the procedure table, your eyebrows will be cleaned with sterile pads.

The microblading artist will measure and draw on your brows the best shape for your face.

A photo is taken to make sure that the eyebrows are symmetrical.


6. Once you approved the shape, sterile microblading tools are used to deposit the pigment under your epidermis.

7. Once finished, we will provide you clear instructions on how to take care of your microblade eyebrows.


We only use safe high-quality organic pigments.

This makes sure that there are no side effects or allergies from the pigment.


Does Microblading Hurt?

You will be happy to be assured that as opposed to tattooing, microblading is much less hurting.

In a scaIe of 1 to 10, people have rated it as 3. This is mild irritating during the procedure, and perfectly normal afterwards.

You will also not have that redness in the skin which is typical of the people who have had tattoos done.

This is why microblading is the option of choice for most people who want to look flawless.


How Long Does Microblading Permanent Makeup Last?

The durability of microblade pigment under the skin is around one to two years, depending on each client. After this time, a touch up can be done to refresh the color and the shape of the eyebrows.

We should also take into consideration of these factors, which can affect how long the microblading permanent makeup last:

The microblading artist– If the procedure is not applied correctly or if the pigment went under the skin too deep, a significant amount of pigment will be peeled off with a dead skin around seven days later.


The client- If after the procedure, the client does not follow aftercare instructions correctly. The customer needs to clean the eyebrows throughout the day and apply vaseline on the clean microblade skin after that. Never let a layer of crust form on the eyebrows, which will take off a significant percentage of pigment.


The client- If the customer has oily skin or sweats excessively, the pigment cannot last a long time.


All other external factors- sunlight, chemical peels, laser treatments, creams can also affect the durability of pigment significantly.


Microblading Benefits:


Once the process has been done, you can expect a lot of benefits:

First, your colleagues will comment about how perfect your eyebrows look.

Second, and more important, you will feel the incredible sense of confidence. You are sure that your brows are looking beautiful during any time of the day.

Third, you will feel a sense of empowerment which translates into better performance in the workplace. That means better chances of success.

Now you have a good idea of how this microblading technique works, whether it is for you or not, and what to do from here. If you are interested, you can contact us immediately, and we will respond to all your queries.

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