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Health and Beauty
09 December 2015

Japonic face massage is a treatment procedure, focused on improving skin elasticity, facial rejuvenation and health improvement of a body. As distinct from a lot of other treatment procedures, this is not invasive procedure, that’s why there are no side-effects. Technical skills of japonic massage were developed over the course of history and they are based on foundation of reflex therapy and traditional massage.


Peculiarities of japonic massage

Japonic face massage is a massage procedure, which guarantees direct and lasting results, which are difficult to achieve, using other methods. The secret of this effect is that this procedure combines lymphatic massage, acupuncture and healing properties of traditional oriental cosmetics.


The effect of japonic massage

With the aid of japonic massage you can solve such problems as:

- To improve skin elasticity;

- To regain the glow of health to the face;

- To do away with fat depots (first of all we are talking about chin and cheeks);

- To stimulate epidermis to product more collagen and elastin (natural rejuvenation);

- To model a set of the features;

- Let your so-called “mask of weariness” slip;

- To stimulate your skin to uptake a lot of healthful compounds from cosmetics;

- To do away with wrinkles;

- To relax, to distress;

- To manage a lot of disease of the inward parts of the body (with the aid of affection on particular acupoints).


Of course it’s possible to achieve these results, if a massage is given by a competent professional, who has scrutinized all oriental procedures of invigoration.


The fundamental rules


Japonic massage must not be “dry”. What does it mean? During every procedure special creams should be used, these lotions contain active pharmaceutical components for facial contours sculpting: these are peptides, stem cells, hyaluronic acid and humor of natural materials. The most popular are those creams, which contain ferments, connected with Japan: humor of lotus, sake, rice and bolus alba.


In order to achieve the best permanent effect it’s not enough to do this massage only once, you should be given at least 8-10 massages, the best decision is to learn how to do this procedure and do it 3 times per week.


Description of the procedure


Japonic face massage correlates to traditional oriental medicine and contains four different stages of massage. First stage is facial care; second stage is cleaning, and during this procedure lymphatic draining is stimulated. Then the professional choose those techniques which help to reduce age-related changes of the face (shiatsu, tsuboki, reflex therapy and so on). And the main purpose of the fourth stage is to reach the balance of inside energy and Gi emotion (libido).


First stage


This stage includes a massage of shoulders, neck and decollate from periphery to the center (to lymph glands). Muscle tension limits steam of blood to the head and face. These procedures improve blood circulation.


- During massage master hand put the towel, wet with hot water, on the face. It helps to relax the whole body.

- Posing the thumb near lymphatic glands and pointer finger along the chin, master hand passes soft but insistently the other fingers along the neck in the direction of chin.

- Decollate and shoulders are warmed up with circular motions.

- Usually master hand uses oils and creams with natural japonic ingredients.


Second stage


Toxins removal

At this stage draining techniques of massage are combined with acupressure for stimulation of particular markings of the face. Lymphatic drainage improves facial appearance, helps to do away with facial oedema and baggy skin below the eyes. As a result, after this stage the face looks younger and more shining.


- If you want to massage by yourself, press the dimples under the cheekbones for 5 seconds by your knuckles. Do it several times.

- After it you should use traditional japonic technique Tanaka: clasp your palms of the hands, move your thumbs from temples to the nose along the chin lines with circular motions.

- Then move fingers back to temples, grasping rolls of fat and skin folds of your cheeks with your thumbs. Other fingers must be clasped.

- As to acupoints, there are a lot of them on the face, and only competent professional can designate right points. But we can advise newcomers to do following movement, which helps to improve skin health of eyelids and to do away with baggy skin below the eyes: these points are at the outside tail of the eyebrows, 1 centimeter below inside corners of the eyes, and a half centimeter further from the outside corners of the eyes. Softly press on these points for 5 seconds.


Third stage


At this stage intensive techniques of face-lift are used; they are designed to improvement of skin elasticity of the face and smooth skin.


- If you want to do it by yourself at home, you have to pay your attention to critically important facial areas: they are chin and jawline, which usually “creeps down” with aging.

- Shorten your fingers. This procedure must be done with the space between middle and ring bent fingers. Primarily you may have some difficulties with this movement, but then they will get used to it.

- Grasp with the bent fingers a skin fold in the middle of a chin. Moving your ring finger down (in the direction of middle finger), knead your skin. Start the massage in the center, moving your fingers to ears.

- Massage both sides of the face.

- At the end massage your jawline with the knuckle of your middle finger, mowing from chin to ears.


Fourth stage


For this stage you need to buy rollers, made of popular oriental stones, for example of jade. This simple device is very good for your skin, because cold, evolved by the stones, helps to occlude pores, to make lymphatic drainage, to reduce facial oedema, to improve microcirculation of blood. Those women, who constantly use these jade rollers, note that with the aid of these rollers they unwrinkled. You need to move rollers along traditional massage lines.




Japonic massage as surely as the other similar procedures is contraindicated if a person has acneiform rash, face inflammation, oncology or infectious disease.


If you give a massage by yourself, you must follow instructions. It’s forbidden to stretch the skin or to give a massage more often than once in 2-3 days and longer than 20 minutes. But it is better to entrust your beauty to the person, who is familiar with traditional oriental medicine, techniques and philosophy.


You will certainly enjoy japonic massage. It stimulates face muscles, unwrinkles, the effect of this massage is similar to plastic operation, but it can be achieved without bistoury. Now it’s clear why inhabitants of the Land of the Rising Sun seem so young and look well!


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