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Construction and Repair
15 July 2015

Bathroom and kitchen services


Only a real professional is able to set up all kinds of combination faucets in various types of bathrooms and kitchens. The professional will be able to cope with any model of any manufacturer. It doesn’t matter for a professional whether the plumbing is plastic or metal. One way or another, everything will be fixed qualitative and correct.


A lot of people think that it’s not difficult to install a combination faucet and that’s why they are trying to do this work by themselves. However, every case has its own details. Designs suppose to have fittings on the wall, on the floor or directly on the sink or bath. Moreover, the last option is more problematic and complicated. When removing the old faucet, you can badly damage the surface of the sink or bath. First of all, you need to have special equipment for dismantling. You need to take into account that modern plumbing fixture (combination faucet in our case) can’t be removed only with a special spanner. In order not to damage the fixture, it’s necessary to have a set of tools, not only spanners, but also joint sealers, so the customer will not be disturbed by leakage, special set of tools to work with plastic pipes and another one for metal pipes. It’s clear that not every person has such set of tools at home.


You can’t repair everything with one tool. Moreover, you need to have an experience of working in appropriate field. And you need to have the special skills, but not those skills which you received, setting up the sink for your neighbor 20 years ago, but you have to know all peculiarities of the modern models.


We don’t want to say that it’s impossible to install combination faucet all by yourself. But this work is connected with laborious and responsible actions. If you call the professional, you will not be disturbed by unpleasant consequences, such as:

- Possibility of mixing hot and cold taps;

- Dribbling of combination faucet;

- Frangibility of faucet fastening and formation of air gap;

- Leakage of one of the taps;

- Damage of the surface of bath or sink as a result of work;

- Damage of combination faucet;

- Probability of breakout of water-distribution system after its installation or even in process.


The greatest danger is breakout of water-distribution system because of improper installation of components. The worst thing is if it happens when you are out of home. Can you imagine the happiness of your neighbors when they see water? We think they will be happy to do remodeling of their apartments at your expense.


In order to avoid all sorts of difficulties, it’s better to go to a company, where you can find competent fitters, plumbers, who can cope even with the most difficult work. Moreover, if you call the professional, it’ll not damage your water supply system, and also it’ll not have impact on your family budget.


Why should you call a professional from a company, but not your neighbor, brother, honest brother or unknown worker? It’s clear, the company will issue a warranty, and also they will send to you professional workers. If you find advertisement about sanitary engineering work in newspaper, you shouldn’t even think about competent worker. But of course, there are some professionals. But you can’t check in advance the qualification of workers. And if something is done incorrectly, they will never re-execute defective works. For sure you will have as little chance of seeing indemnity.


It’s better to review all comments of satisfied customers, how many years the company has been working, before phone to the chosen company. It’s necessary to check whether the company is trying to enrich itself or develop good reputation and make big customer database.


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