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Construction and Repair
13 July 2015

Replacement of circuit breaker


Replacement of circuit breakers is not identified with very difficult work. Also there is no complicated installation work, when repairing breakers. As a matter of fact, every person, even who doesn’t have any special skills, can manage this work. The simplicity of this work can be explained by the fact that all labor-intensive processes were done earlier. You don’t have to gouge the wall to lay cables. The only thing you have to do is to remove the old circuit breaker and replace it with a new one.


You only need to have a screwdriver and a new breaker. But of course, it’s better to understand the work of electricity mains and circuit breakers.


There is also an additional moment we should mention. If the professional reads this extract of article, he’ll be surprised, that we mention this fact. However, experience has shown that person, who even hasn’t heard about work of electric system before, can forget to do the main thing. He can forget to switch off electric power supply to apartment. If someone neglects this moment, his health and life will be endangered. Everybody must comply with the rules.


Repair of circuit breakers

Usually we need to repair circuit breakers because of obsolescence of the device. So you can replace all circuit breakers in your house in order to prevent possible breakages that could cause a short circuit, deflagration and other troubles.


It’s not advisable to bring up the circuit breakers to the moment when a simple regular repair or replacement of the breaker will not help, and you’ll have to eliminate effects of burned-out device. First of all, it’s very dangerous. It’s better to avoid such situations. And it’s better not to postpone repairing of broken breaker. You should solve this problem as soon as possible.

You don’t have to take the repair of device as necessary revival of damaged device. You should understand that in this case words “repair” and “replacement” are synonyms.


Check of installed circuit breakers

Even if you have just installed new breaker, you have to be sure of its correct functioning. Defective device often causes various troubles. The reasons of improper operation can be different. You need to have some knowledge in order that verification process of breaker’s functioning to be more effective. It’s very difficult to analyze electrical system without the experience and specific skills.


However, if you are not an experienced electrician, you should at least make sure that all the device pins are secured properly. It’s good if you don’t see any defections in the joints. But if the breaker still "does not want" to work; the problem is directly in the circuit. And in this case it is better to think about contacting a specialized company for a professional.


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