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Construction and Repair
01 August 2014

Stretch ceiling is becoming more popular among stylish interior ideas. It gives a special atmosphere of the apartment. In the room with such decision you will feel incredibly comfortably.

Stretch ceiling is a special material that is tightly stretched around the perimeter of the room. These kind of ceilings look the same as well as ordinary ceilings, only is more elegant and fashionable.

You can set the design and during the capital repairs, and the many beauty.The procedure is done fairly quickly, so the private master can handle it well.

Advantages of installation of stretch ceiling

  • you can hide the surface irregularities;
  • high protection against leaks;
  • heat and sound insulation;
  • easy care;
  • much better option than drywall;
  • the wide range of colors is so wide that can satisfy anyone;
  • safety and environmental friendliness of materials.

The installation features of stretch ceilings

Installation is carried out at high temperatures, then the canvas becomes elastic and easily gets the size of the ceiling. In the process you receive a specific smell of the pellicle, but it quickly disappears. In freezing temperatures the installation of a canvas is impossible, as it is quickly torn.

The size of unestablished  stretch ceiling is less than 7-10% of the perimeter of the room. Usually the work is done by two people.  In large rooms ceilings are mounted with additional fasteners to avoid sagging of the design. There are two ways of installation:

  • Bezgarpunnyj - the canvas is clamped on the frame. This method is the cheapest and simplest. Preliminary measurements are not required but through time the material can be saggy.
  • Harpoon. The canvas should be heated and pull on the established framework. Preliminary measurements are necessary. The ceiling becomes 3-4 cm lower than the usual one.

It is possible to install various lamps in it: ordinary and point. The masters can  also offer you the image of any drawing or the imitation of material.

True professionals will perform the work quickly and qualitatively, and you will soon enjoy a coziness and comfort.


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