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Construction and Repair
25 December 2020

Builder, Electrician and Plumber in Barcelona

24 Hour Emergency Service

References available from English speaking clients


We offer:

A no obligation estimate

A detailed and transparent quote in English and Spanish

The option to pay by the hour


Major & minor renovations



Installing air-conditioning / central heating

Water / gas meters

Installation Certificates (Boletines de agua/gas)

New kitchens and bathrooms

Installing new cupboards, ovens, washing machines, Shower installation

Fixing dripping taps, unblocking sinks and pipes

Painting & decorating


Levelling floors




Building work in Barcelona can be great fun, but at the same time the unfamiliarity of how to get things done can make it frustrating!


We are a small, flexible team experienced in working on flat conversions and office improvements and we offer a very personal service.


As necessary we can arrange building permits, give you architectural advice, direct you to the appropriate suppliers, negotiate with the neighbours and go shopping with you to buy the fixtures and fittings.


You can take on as much or as little responsibility for the project as you wish and we will direct and support you with our local knowledge.


We are also available to do one-off jobs, such as painting, tiling, installing a new cooker, shower, or cupboards, or hanging a blind.



Major and minor renovations

Planning and building permits for large

and small alterations

Re-designing of apartments and offices


New kitchens and bathrooms

Installing new cupboards, ovens, washing machines and showers,


Painting and decorating

Re-plastering, cleaning beams, installing new windows, renovating original features, tiling


Blocks and leaks

Fixing dripping taps, unblocking sinks and pipes


Water / Gas meters

Installation Certificates (Boletines de agua/gas)

Installing new plumbing / changing lead pipes

Installing part or all new electrics

Upgrading electricity voltage & power

Fixing shorts and emergency blackouts


Laying parquet

Re-levelling floors

Renovating original tiles


Installing air conditioning and/or central heating


Odd jobs

Hanging pictures & curtains

Filling holes

Planing/sanding doors

Changing locks

Assembling furniture


Contact us:

We offer 24 hour emergency service so contact us anytime day or night.

We will be happy to set an appointment to give you a free estimate or answer any questions.


Telephone: +34 686 718 096

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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