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Construction and Repair
31 August 2016

If you want to make renovations in kitchen or bathroom with chaging of pipes, and you're looking for plumbing services in London, you have a great opportunity to change all bathroom fitments, choosing a new faucet. Of course it’s up to you to decide which faucet is suitable for your bathroom or kitchen. We present you a brief overview of the types and a few useful tips for choosing and installing the faucet.


What kinds of faucets are presented in the market?


Today you can find three main types of faucets in stores:

• Combination tap assembly - classic faucets with two rotary valves for controlling the pressure and temperature of water;

• Lever faucets - have a ball or plastic cartridge from metal and ceramics;

• Touchеtone or non-contacting - operate with the help of built-in sensors that react to the movement of the hands.

All kinds of faucets can be chosen on the ground of on various considerations: the bathroom interior design, conditions and operation rate of tap, cost of bathroom fitment and individual preferences of the customer. All faucets have advantages and disadvantages, which are described below.

Combination tap assembly

It is traditional type of faucet, which regulates the water pressure and temperature through valve inside, which gives more or less hot water according to the rotation of gates. Despite the fact that this faucet is often considered to be old-fashioned, it is still installed in kitchens and bathrooms, especially for interior design in classic style. The advantages of combination tap assembly are durability and relatively low price in the market. They may show quite exquisite and rare, especially if you choose a model with a copper spout and four-section valves, look like an old model.


Lever faucets

This is a more modern type of faucets, which can be met in the bathroom and the kitchen in the home and other premises more often. This model is fuss-free and allows you to adjust the height of water and temperature with a single motion. These faucets show very impressive in every interior. In the interior of the bathroom you can use a special built-in lever faucet which is mounted directly in the bath-tub carcass (or in the wall in front of the bath-tub). In the kitchen, lever faucets are very convenient during cooking when you keep something in your hands or they are dirty.


Sensor faucets

It is a modern type of the faucets, which is installed more often today in private residences and apartments, as well as in public places. The main advantage of this faucet is hygiene: to turn on the water, you should put your hand to the faucet spout. It’s a hot topic for public establishments and allows you to avoid getting germs on yourskin  turning off the tap after washing. The kitchen sensor faucets are also very convenient, because they do not require unnecessary movements with already busy hands.

A sensor faucet can be installed in the bathroom if you want to achieve the most hygienic hand washing. You can also choose the sensor faucet with a thermostat, which allows you once and for all to set up a comfortable water temperature, which will always be the same when you turning on the tap.

A disadvantage of sensor faucets due to complexity of manufacturing techniques is their high price. So if you the comfort is important for you, but you do not want to pay ridiculous amount of money, you can choose a simple and high-quality lever faucet made of stainless steel or brass. It is important to choose a product from a reputable seller, otherwise you are running a risk to buy a faucet of cheap aluminum or plastic with chromium plate.

Ask your plumber, where can you buy a qualitative mixer, and do not try to save the money buying a good thing, which will be inservice for many years. To achieve this goal you also need the assistance of a qualified plumber in London, which will install chosen faucet quickly, qualitatively and inexpensively.


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