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Construction and Repair
30 August 2016

Small bathroom is a problem of many apartments in aparthouses. Shortfalls of planning can be balanced in different ways, which will be discussed later. If you decide to add more comfort in your bathroom, or you want to order the plumbing services in London and to explain the plumber how you want to repair your bathroom, then you should read this article.
So, we will focus on the ways of improvements of planning shortfalls of a small bathroom. If your bathroom has an area of 10 square meters, you can act as follows.
Combine the bathroom and toilet together
Wracking of wall between the bathroom and toilet is one of the most successful and popular solutions for bathroom improvement. Technically, this is not a complicated task, because in most cases, the wall between the bathroom and the toilet is not a supporting wall. You can contact an experienced plumber, who will tell you how to build-down the wall correctly and carefully, so as not to damage the important elements in the bathroom (toilet bowl, sink, bath-tub), or he will do for you this time-consuming and dusty work.
Use a small bathroom fixture and furniture
Today in the market there is a wide choice of bathroom fixture of small size, which perfectly fit for small bathrooms. Small sinks and toilet bowls can save plenty of space in a bathroom.
Opt for the shower cabin rather than a bath-tub
Bath-tub is very comfortable and pleasant thing, however, it is not suitable for the small bathroom, because it takes up too much space. You can find a lot of advantages of shower cabin: it protects the surrounding objects and surfaces of water sprays and muddy stains, zones space, making it more functional and convenient.
Choose corner bathroom fitment and furniture
Corner furniture: closets, shelves and corner bath-tub and shower,is the perfect solution for a small bathroom. This form allows you to save a few square meters of useful space without sacrificing functionality and comfort in the bathroom. Choosing a corner shower or bath-tub, you will stylish and modern face to your bathroom, and also you will be able to put there more articles of daily necessity.

Choose hanging bathroom fitment

Hanging sink and toilet bowl are not only modern things, but also very practicably. First of all, this bathroom fixture simplifiescleaning in this room, and secondly, it allows to place more different necessary items in the bathroom. Modern versions of hanging toilet bowls are absolutely trouble proof and are installed and tuned in special articulated joints or wall brackets.

Select light shades

Optically light shades make small bathroom more spacious and volumetric. Choose light white, beige, sand colors of tiles for floor and walls, light bathroom fixture and bath-tub, put white or beige towels and bathrobes; due to these things your interior will be more harmonious.

Use mirrors in the interior of the bathroom

Everyone knows that the mirrors have the ability to expand the space optically and make it bigger. A mirror which reflects lamplight in the bathroom makes it even lighter. Try to install a large mirror above the sink (but not to before toilet bawl), and you will see that the space in the bathroom is visually enhanced.

Use the height of bathroom

If you need to keep in the bathroom a lot of different things (especially for women) in the bathroom, you can use the free space of the walls, installing different shelves and mini-lockers, which are set invertical direction. You can install corner shelves and drawers, which are very functional in small bathrooms.

Whatever you want to install in the bathroom, you can always invite qualified plumber in London. To install bath-tub or sink, change the pipes or build down the wall between bathroom and toilet, all these tasks you can entrust to qualified specialists of our company.


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