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Construction and Repair
23 August 2016

Together with expensive natural materials for finishing residential - stone and marble, man-made materials are often used. Ceramic granite and glazed tiles are the most popular man-made materials, which can be found in the bathroom or kitchen, shower or washing house, swimming pool or terrace. If you have to choose between these two materials for cladding of your own kitchen or bathroom, it’s very important to find out what material is better. Experienced plumber, whose services can be found on any bulletin board in London, will tell you by reference of your goals what material is better to choose. Both glazed and ceramic granite tiles have their advantages and disadvantages. They are similar in a common production technology and almost identical compo. But in the basic performance and physical characteristics they are considerably vary.

Ceramic granite and its distinguishes from glazed tile

Contrary to common belief, ceramic granite is not produced from granite chips, but it’s produced on the basis of natural components of mineral origin. Basically ceramic granite, as well as ceramic (ceramic) tiles aremade of two kinds of wash - illite and kaolin. The first gives the material hardness and the second type of clay is responsible for fire-proofness, needed for stoving at extremely high temperatures. Also ceramic granite consists of glass sand and field spar responsible for glaring tiles during the heat treatment. The technology of manufacturing of ceramic granite is similar to production of glazed tiles: a mixture of clay, sand, fieldspar and water are mixed with the colorant and formed under pressure, dried and then burned at a temperature up to 1300 ° C.

As distinct from glazed tile, ceramic granite because of a process of high-pressure molding, drying and burning, it is less porous, that is why the coefficient of moisture absorption of the material is obtained as 0.05%, while even a ceramic tile with a glossy surface is obtained 10% more. Therefore, the main advantages of ceramic granite over tile:

higher abrasion resistance;
increased resistance to moist;
high resistance to frost;
resistant to dirt;
easy to clean.
Because of these characteristics ceramic granite tile is not afraid of the weather, moist;it’s easy to clean even with acid and alkaline compounds. But this does not mean that ceramic granite has no disadvantages. Due to its compact structure without bugholes it is heavier; it is not always suitable for wall cladding. In order to make a backsplash in the kitchen or in the bathroom, it is better to choose  good ceramic tile, which can be easily glued and held by a light weight, and chooseplumbing services in London by a reliable professional with the help of friends or after reading reviews on the Internet.

Another advantage of glazed tile is its cost. It may cost 10-30% lower than the cheapest ceramic granite in the market. Ceramic granite, depending on the manufacturing process, can be polished, satin and structured, which is conditional upon special manufacturing techniques that increase the cost of the material.

Where is better to use ceramic granite, and where - the glazed tiles?
 Ceramic granite:
• Floors in living accommodations, office buildings, industrial and commercial quarters;
• Ventilated facades;
• Porches, piazzas, halls of hotels, restaurants.
Ceramic tile:
• walls in living accommodations (bathroom, kitchen);
• floors in low penetration level quarters;
• floors on porches and verandas where there is no stream of people.
If you have chosen the material for floors, before layingit is better toperform sanitary engineering works, so there will be no risk of damage to the new floor or wall covering in the process of replacing pipes and sanitary ceramics.
Qualified plumber who works in our company in London will make all repairs in your kitchen or bathroom. Replacing tiles, pipes, sanitary faucets, installation of sink or toilet, shower, the replacement of levelcrete and many other things will perform an experienced professional in plumbing.

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