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Klean Mattress specialises in deep cleaning of your mattress to extract & dispose of dead skin, dust mites & their excretions. We use the very best in Deep cleaning vacuum machines, the Kirby Avalir, which has the deepest suction of all vacuum cleaners. Keeping your mattress clean helps to reduce allergies, eczema, asthma and other potentially allergic reactions or respiratory problems. This will also help prolong the life of your mattress and save you money for the long term.

Klean Mattress provides a professional, efficient and cost-effective solution to help you attain better sleep in a healthier environment. 


Cot size mattress - £20

Single size mattress - £25

Double size mattress - £35

Queen & King size mattress - £45

Super-King size mattress - £45

*** DISCOUNTS for Senior Citizens ***

** Alternative pricing for Commercial clients **

Serving Watford, surrounding areas, London & Home Counties.


For more information please visit 


Klean Mattress
Mattress Deep Cleaning
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1st mattress FREE in households with 3 or more mattresses
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Mattress Deep Cleaning
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