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Whether it’s for dog walking, puppy classes, fun agility and hoopers, or online courses relating to the family, Waggy Canine Services are focused on not only creating positive enriching experiences for your dog, but also coaching owners how to effectively communicate with their canine companion, using only positive techniques and by working alongside experienced like-minded collegues, coaches and trainers promoting the highest standards of canine practice.


Waggy Canine Services is a place where you can find a huge range of modern, ethical and professional services for your canine in Lincolnshire or wider in the UK, depending on the service. All services emphasise long-term support, ensuring you get the best compassionate and positive training and care for your wonderful canines.

Waggy Canine Services
Caroline Walmsley
Dog Walking, Pet Sitting, Dog Training
United Kingdom
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Dog Walking, Pet Sitting, Dog Trainer
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