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Washing machine repair and installation in London

Quality you can trust
Most households have the convenience of a washing machine in the laundry room. Having piles of dirty clothes taken care of can often be taken for granted—until of course this modern convenience breaks down and leaves you with loads of laundry to sort out on your own. Appliances are an integral part of our lives and something as vital as washing machine cannot be stranded without being serviced or repaired at the earliest.
In an ideal world, a new washing machine or dryer will last for at least five years. But even the best quality appliance will require regular service and occasional maintenance to ensure smooth running. As soon as you notice problems with your washing machine, you need to schedule repairs. Whether your washing machine won't drain, won't spin, or it simply won't turn on, HappyAppliances can provide regular service or emergency repairs to address any issues that may happen. Our technicians also strive to prevent potential problems from developing through careful maintenance. HappyAppliances is your one stop company for all the repairs that your washing machine may require. We provide quick and quality services at competitive prices. We also help in proper maintenance of the appliance and one thing that makes us stand out is proper use of branded spare parts.
If you have noticed problems with your washing machine, you should take action asap.
The faster you identify the issue, the less damages will occur.
Signs your washing machine needs repair:
The machine gets noisy
There are leaks
Timer does not work
Does not start or does not agitate
Does not spin
Burning smell
Does not fill water or fills excess water
Burning smell when the washing machine is operating
The lid or door does not open
If you find any of these signs occurring, or even if something unusual occurs, Contact us immediately for same day assistance, as you do not want to stay long with a problematic washing machine.
What we can do:
Our professionals offer timely help starting with inspecting the washing machine and understanding what repair needs to be done
Our experts rectify the damages to make the appliance work
We repair the parts that can be repaired and if any part requires replacement, we replace them with quality spare parts. Warranty is a benefit to our customers.
Perform safety checks after repair
Don't let laundry pile up, contact HappyAppliances today and set up your washing machine maintenance or repairs with our qualified technicians. We strive to provide professional appliance service in a quick manner for efficient solution of your washing machine challenges.
Having your washing machine repaired can be a lot cheaper than buying a new one. Our fixed price repair means that you will pay one charge that includes the call out to your home and all labor charges. Any spare parts will be charged separately. No matter where you purchased your washer or dryer, our repair experts are available 6 days a week across London, to visit your home and to take care of your appliance. On the day of the booking, they will call you 30 minutes before to let you know they’re coming.
Our repairs come with a 12 month guarantee for your peace of mind, which covers the fault that we have repaired.
Trust the experts from HappyAppliances, to take care of your appliance. We repair most brands including Bosch, Hotpoint, LG, Miele, Indesit and many others. Call us today!

Dishwasher repairs and installation services in London

If your dishwasher is malfunctioning, you may not have to use your imagination! Eliminate the hassle and inconvenience of hand washing all your dishes by calling HappyAppliances today. If your dishwasher is broken or failing in any way, you need dishwasher repair services from a company that is experienced in fixing kitchen appliances quickly and effectively. HappyAppliances is the best provider of repairs for dishwashers across London. With experience in the business and appointments available six days a week, there simply isn't an appliance repair company that cares more about customer satisfaction.
A broken dishwasher isn't always easy to diagnose. It is actually quite rare that your dishwasher simply won't start. But, even if it`s look like is working properly, your dishwasher might need a repair. If you come across any of the following warning signs, you can call HappyAppliances right away.
Leaking Water
Increased Energy Bills / Water Bills
Chipping or Cracking of Dishes
Odd Noises from the Dishwasher
Failure to Fully Clean Dishes in a Single Load
Any of these signs could show that your dishwasher is in need of repair. If you recognize any of them early, our technicians can save you the cost of major repairs by resolving the problem before it requires your dishwasher to be replaced.
When you book a dishwasher repair from HappyAppliances, you are getting service that you can trust.
Our technicians are trained and highly skilled and will perform fast and competitively priced repair. Whether your dishwasher needs the pump screen cleaned, hoses unclogged, water valves replaced, or some other form of repair, there is no company that you can trust more than HappyAppliances to get the job done right.
We offer complete dishwasher repairs to different areas in London. Specializing in precise, affordable dishwasher repair and efficient turn-around times, HappyAppliances is committed to providing cost-effective services to get all of your appliances back in peak operating condition. Our precision dishwasher repair services ensure that both the source and the symptom of the problem are resolved for repairs that last!
Please do not hesitate to contact HappyAppliances when you need a dishwasher repair. We are also offering prompt dishwasher installation, so call us now.

22 Saxon House, 170 London Road, SM6 7AN
Phone: 0203 8927620

United Kingdom
22 Saxon House, 170 London Road, SM6 7AN
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