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Hot Wax Brazilian & Hollywood Bikini Waxing in Central London


Sublime Brazilian Wax, Hollywood Bikini Wax & Full Body Waxing with GREAT SAVINGS in our New Central London Salon!


Sole Beauty Waxing Team has mastered the waxing technique required to achieve the perfect Hollywood, Brazilian, Bikini Line and Leg waxing for smooth legs all year.

Using high quality Strip and HOT wax, and a sublime touch, Sole Waxing Team takes out even the shortest hairs whilst eliminating in-growing on hair.

Leaving the skin soft, silky and perfectly moisturised. So girls if you are serious about your legs staying smooth throughout the year you've discovered the right Waxing Spot.

Specialising both in Hot and Strip Waxes. Sole Beauty salons are highly recommended.

Sole Beauty’s philosophy is to make Quality beauty treatments affordable to ALL women in London; once you've tried Sole Beauty Waxing you'll never try another waxing place.


So ladies, visit us today and you'll soon discover that Hollywood beauty needn't be air miles away! Moreover enjoy whopping 30% OFF your 1st Visit.


Other Beauty Treatments also available:

- Manicure & Pedicure

- Shellac Manicures

- Eyelash Extensions

- Face Threading

- Massage Therapy

**All at 30% Off your First Visit


Salons Location:

Bond St, Marylebone (Mon-Fri): 020 3137 1909

London Victoria, SW1 (Mon-Sun): 020 7183 1909

Our Treatments: Bikini Waxing, Body Waxing, Hair Removal London, Hard Hot Wax, Brazilian Wax, Hollywood bikini Waxing, Hot Waxing Salon in Central London, Oxford Street & Marylebone, London.

United Kingdom

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