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30% Off Male Waxing in Streatham: Chest Waxing, Back Wax, Leg Wax & Intimate Waxing for Men


30% Off Men's Waxing & Male Grooming Services in Streatham South West London: Chest Waxing, Back Wax, Leg Wax & Intimate Waxing for Men.


Our Immaculate Beauticians have mastered the waxing technique required for painless waxing for men, such that your visit will go as smoothly as your newly waxed body, without the 'OUCH'. It is no wonder we are deemed 'South London's Waxing Specialists'.

Our Waxing Specialists are here to help you smoothen those legs and clean up the unwanted Back & chest hair with our impeccable hair removal technique for your Chest Wax, Back Wax, Shoulder Wax and Eyebrow Waxing. We will offer your skin the preened and polished result it needs.


Our Waxing for men Service is one of the less painful wax in London, so Boys, don't be scared, get those legs & Chest smoothed just in case of an early summer.


PS: By booking with us you also Saveupto 30% on your First Visit!


See Few of our Offers below:

Eyebrow Shaping £7

Forearm Waxing £12

Full Arm Waxing £17

Half Leg Waxing £17

Full Leg Waxing £24

Shoulders Waxing £10

Chest Waxing £17

Upper Back Waxing £14

Full Back Waxing £21

Full Back & Chest Wax £38


INTIMATE MALE WAXING SERVICE also Available (Tuesday to Saturday):

- Men's Buttocks Waxing £17

- Back, Sack & Crack Wax £31

- Brazilian Waxing for Men £35

- Hollywood Waxing for Men £35

- Brazilian & Inside Buttocks £35


PS: The Offers above have taken into consideration the 30% Discount we are offering but valid Monday to Friday before 5pm. If booking after 5pm or Weekend only 20% Discount will apply.

For More info visit: GloBeauty dot London


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