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Medelit is a private home healthcare provider.

Our goal is to offer a range of healthcare services directly in peoples’ homes in London.

Our multidisciplinary team of professionals is meticulously hand-picked and highly qualified.

We are currently completing the initial setup of our team. Active services are pointed out as OPEN and we will gradually update our website pages to inform you on all new service launches.

We can visit you in your home, office, hotel room, clinic, nursing home or in any other appropriate place where you might need our assistance.

We can also assist patients in care homes, nursing and residential homes, where we can integrate and support internal services with highly specialised care that usually requires the patient to be transferred to another provider.


Doctor Home Visits

Highly trained GPs and Consultants Delivered at Your Doorstep

Doctor Home Visits – GPs & Consultants

A Complete Clinic at Your Doorstep

Prompt, Trusted, High-Touch

With the Best, Leading Doctors

We come to you: Home, Office or Hotel


Doctor Home Visit Service Details:

Medelit is a comprehensive home visiting medical service delivered in the UK, providing bespoke and tailored health care assistance directly in the comfort of your home.

We are the only medical service where you can find a selected team of the top medical and health practitioners and actually receive their visit and assistance directly in your home, hotel or office.

Whether you need a medical consultation but have no time or physical impairment to cross the city to reach a clinic or hospital, or whether you prefer seeing the Doctor in the privacy and comfort of your home, Medelit can organise your Doctor home visit when and where you need it.


Our medical services delivered at home include General Practice, Consultant Medicine and Alternative Medicine delivered across London, Greater London, Liverpool and Birmingham. Moreover, all Medelit’s medical services are also available remotely as a Video Medical Consultation Online, promptly accessible no matter where you are, from your mobile, tablet or computer, within few minutes.

Our highly qualified GPs and Consultants can provide prompt and highly specialised onsite medical assistance all year round, 7 days a week, including weekends and bank holidays, on flexible time.

We have an ongoing commitment to ensuring the highest standards of expertise within our medical team. As a matter of fact, our Doctors work in the best Hospitals and clinics in UK and are renowned for their academic and clinical excellence within their field of practice.

With Medelit you are at a peace of mind that whenever you need, you can have direct access to a medical assistance network you can trust, provided by the most expert Doctors in the UK, and without the hassle of having to move from the comfort of your home, or demanding work engagements.

To book a Medical Home Visit or Online Consultation you can simply contact us every day from 08.30 am to 05.30 pm, at 020 36375657, or through our website form or chat.


We will take care of your request and arrange the home appointment as soon as possible and according to the very first availability and your schedule.


Visiting Nursing Service

Highly Experienced Independent Nurses in Your Home

Nursing Care Wherever You Need It

Qualified, Registered & Experienced Nurses

Available 7/7 on Flexible Times

Prompt, Trusted, High-Touch Care

Support from a Full Multidisciplinary Team

A Bespoke Service Catering for All Your Needs


Visiting Nursing Service Details

Medelit provides high-quality Visiting Nursing Service across London and Greater London directly to the patient’s home, as well as in retirement homes or private hospitals, workplaces and hotels.

This allows you and your loved ones to avoid moving around the city and to limit access to the hospital. It is always reassuring for the entire family to know that a skilled and professional Nurse is there when needed.

Our independent nurses are trained, registered and specialised in the support of both children and adults requiring care and are assigned based on their particular areas of expertise.

Your care will be tailored to your needs and medical conditions and may include blood tests collection, wound and dressing management, therapy administration, post-operative care, round-the-clock care and respite care, as well as teaching and support patients and his family. Moreover, our Nurses can also provide remote assistance, offering you online consultations and sustain about how to provide proper care to your loved one.

Our aim is supporting our patients in the best of ways, keeping your health and recovery on track, by allowing you to live as independently as possible in your own home, so you can concentrate on getting well. We offer skilled and comprehensive home care, together with our multidisciplinary healthcare team, complementing traditional in-home caregivers and giving patients and family members an extra peace of mind.

Our Mobile Nursing Service can also be booked for Corporate Healthcare plans and check-ups, directly on site, for all small or large companies across London and surrounding areas.

Our visiting nurses are available 365 days a year, including weekends and bank holidays, and their home visits can be easily booked every day from 08.30 am to 05.30 pm by calling our Operations Center at 020 36375657 or though our online form or chat.


For regular care, we can plan a regular schedule or organise visits one at a time, according to your needs.


Medelit has one central office in London that coordinates HC Professionals in all of the UK.

Our address is 74 Victoria Drive, SW19 6Hl London.

TEL. +44 020 36 37 56 57

doctor home visit

home visits London

doctor home visit London

home healthcare provider London

United Kingdom
74 Victoria Drive, SW19 6Hl London
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