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Wow with our Russian hair extension!

Be the new *Girl* with long luscious flowing hair from the block!

Get heads turning as you walk down the street!!


We are qualified professional hair extensions specialists, creative hair stylists. We are based in East London, with many years of experience in 5 different methods of hair extensions up to the newest trends in the hair industry Qualified and insured in the areas of

Nano rings

Flat Tapes

Micro rings

Micro Weft

*Tapes weave hair extensions installation methods


Ombre and Balayege hair extensions available..


Over the years we have worked from celebrities to catwalkers and have provided the best results in the business. Mobile service is now available across London- So get your new lengths done from the comfort of your own home, with 100% Russian Hair. Ethically sourced and of the highest quality.


All hair is done to suit YOU the consumer, custom colours and styles are available at request. We are EXPERTS in colour matching.


Nano rings/Flat Tapes hair extensions, the NEW and most gentle type of extension. This is a painless procedure which involves NO glue, NO sew in and causes NO damage to your natural hair. This innovative type of extension actively helps to help restore your hair from long time damage. Nano rings/Flat Tapes are only 2.5 mm in size and 90% smaller than typical Micro rings.


There is no need for consultation as we have all the hair extensions colours in stock and ready for fitting.


Evening and last minute appointment is available, all you need do is send us your hair colour pictures via our email or mobile number and we will come with 10 different shades.


There is a good discount for two/three persons for same day appointment.

All our rings come in the different colours to suit your hair colour, and inside the rings has got a soft cushion that helps keep your hair safe. According to the thickness/thinness of your hair, we can put anywhere from 150/200/ strands of hair to suit our clients...


JWe ONLY offer only top quality hair extension brands in the market and thanks to my origin we can offer you the unique and exclusive genuinely Real Virgin Slavic hair. I can provide further information about the hair on request- but read my client reviews to see for yourself.


Maintenance is required every 8-10 weeks and I am happy to walk you through the process, hair care guide and maintenance best practice all the way.


So don’t hesitate- BOOK NOW ladies and get ready for Valentine!





United Kingdom

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