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Building on her own reputation for excellence in Doctor-led skincare, Dr Barbara Kubicka established the Clinicbe® brand as a unique concept in integrated skin and healthcare.

Bringing patients the latest skincare technology and techniques, we only use expert and experienced doctors who are highly skilled in the latest anti-ageing and skin treatments. As well as popular wrinkle-relaxing injections and dermal fillers, Dr Kubicka is especially renowned for PDO threads and mesotherapy injections. She also offers her own exclusive combination treatments to tackle difficult issues such as dark circles, tired eyes, hair loss and the difficult jaw/neck area.

Clinicbe® is designed to offer a peaceful, relaxing environment yet are equipped with the latest technology for a wide range of treatments and medical procedures. Our treatment centre is based in Knightsbridge, providing easy access from Chelsea, Mayfair, West and Central London. However, patients do travel from further afield and treatment plans can even be arranged for overseas patients.


Our Clinic

Our exclusive skin treatments clinic is located in the heart of Knightsbridge, close to Cadogan Square and very easily accessible from Mayfair and Chelsea.

We offer a peaceful, tranquil setting for appointments and treatment and our discrete location ensures complete discretion for those that wish it.

The clinic was completely refurbished and opened in May 2013 with beautiful, luxurious furnishings and the latest equipment. Our clinic is set on the ground floor for ease of access.


More than a treatment…

Clinicbe has worked hard to enhance the experience for its clients and patients, ensuring the highest possible standards of comfort and care. All treatment rooms are equipped with innovative features, carefully chosen to maximise the relaxing, restorative experience which is unique to Clinicbe.


1. Amethyst Biomat

All couches are now equipped with Amethyst Biomats, made of 17 layers including textile, copper, aluminium and amethysts.

These generate far infrared rays (warming, boosting circulation, relaxing muscles/tissues; and relieving pain/discomfort) and negative ions (to relieve stress and boost energy), while reducing EMF (conducting electromagnetic field energy away to the ground).


2. AccuVein

The AccuVein is a handheld infrared device which identifies the location of veins beneath the skin. Understanding the precise location of superficial veins means that needles, cannulas or threads can be positioned very accurately in order to avoid the veins, thereby reducing the risk of bruising to the point where it is almost negligible.

It is simply a better standard of care, but currently only available at a handful of clinics in the UK.


3. Theta Waves

Theta wave stimulation is played during treatment at Clinicbe, which enhances the treatment experience, making it relaxing as well as stimulating the brain for an ’emotional healing’ experience.

Theta waves are associated with self-healing, memory, relaxation and emotions and concentration.

This ‘mind and body healing’ can reduce stress and anxiety.


Service Focused on You

At Clinicbe®, it’s not only about what we do, but also how we do it.

Cosmetic skin treatments tend to be focused on the external issues – how you look. Improving the appearance of skin as it ages by smoothing out lines and wrinkles, adding volume to lips or tackling signs of age on the forehead or around the eyes are popular areas for treatment.

Medical skin treatments also tend to focus on the “look” of the finished result – whether it’s the removal of visible veins, treatment for hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) or hair loss.


Treatments That Make You Look Good And Feel Great

While our patients come to us primarily for skin treatments, we believe that aesthetic results are only part of the story. We are passionate about making our patients feel good too. When you look good you feel great, while feeling great makes you look better too!


Looking Good

People who look good, feel great too!

- Wearing a new dress, walking out of the hair salon, putting on lipstick…

- Even little changes to your appearance can give a person a boost

- Investing a little time and money in yourself and your appearance helps you to feel better

- Others will notice the changes too

- How you look does influence opinion and perception


Feeling Great

People who feel good, look great too!

- Radiating confidence

- Self-assurance

- Holding a good posture

- Head held high

- Smiling more

- Self-esteem is highly attractive

- The way you feel about yourself improves the way you look and are perceived by others


The Treatment Experience

We make the treatment as comfortable and enjoyable as possible, every step of the way, to help our patients leave the clinic looking good and feeling great.

The service includes:

- Focus on pampering and how you feel throughout

- Unrushed consultations and appointments

- Lifestyle and nutritional advice to compliment your treatment

- Drinks on arrival – including iced tea, coffee, tea, water

- Where appropriate, use of ice, numbing cream or even dental block as anaesthetic to make treatment comfortable

- Pain killers available on request


Cosmetic Treatments

Cosmetic treatments, also known as non-surgical treatments have become very popular. The beauty of cosmetic treatments is that they offer effective and affordable alternatives to surgery for a wide range of requirements.  


Popular Non-Surgical Treatments

- BOTOX® anti-wrinkle injections

- Baby BOTOX®

- Dermal fillers

- Lip enhancement fillers

- Sculptra

- Dermaroller

- Mesotherapy

- Chemical peel

- Acne scarring treatment

- PRP: platelet rich plasma therapy

- Non-surgical nose reshaping (rhinoplasty)

- natural skin treatments

- PDO Thread Lift

- PDO threads


Exclusive to Dr Kubicka at Clinicbe

- Eyedealise non-surgical eye rejuvenation treatment

- Neck and Jaw-Line Programme

At Clinicbe®, all cosmetic treatments are carried out by experienced Aesthetic Medicine Physician Dr Barbara Kubicka.

Treatments are made as comfortable as possible by use of a variety of techniques as appropriate to the treatment and the individual’s personal requirements. Ice is used as a topical anaesthetic. If necessary, a dental block anaesthetic may also be used. Pain killers are also available on request.

Private Skin Consultation

Cosmetic treatments consultations with Dr Kubicka are without obligation, a perfect opportunity to discuss your requirements and receive expert advice on what treatment or combination would achieve the best results for your own personal needs.


Cosmetology Treatments

London Cosmetologist

Our cosmetologist based at Clinicbe in Knightsbridge offers a series of facial and body treatments.

Cosmetology Facials


A professionally carried out facial should leave your skin soft and radiant, as well as leaving you feeling entirely relaxed and pampered.


At Clinicbe®, we offer a range of facials designed to suit our patients’ diverse needs from our luxurious Knightsbridge clinic.

All facials last for one hour and may be carried out by our cosmetologist.

Our popular range of beauty and skin treatment facials has been relaunched as an exclusive range which utilises the active ingredients in BAKEL skin care products:

Clinicbe offers a choice of 3 facials

- BAKEL Anti-Ageing Facial – a rejuvenating and hydrating facial, designed to tackle the signs of ageing, such as fine lines, wrinkles and creases.

- BAKEL Pure Facial – a classic combination of cleansing, exfoliating and soothing yet stimulating serums to suit all skin types.

- BAKEL Deep-Cleansing Facial – designed for those with problem skin (acne, oiliness, pigmentation), this super-exfoliating facial leaves skin feeling fresh and clean


Facials to Complement Skin Treatments

Facials can be very helpful used alongside other cosmetic treatments for the skin. For example, combining a facial within a programme of IPL, or using it together with botox or fillers can provide an excellent result by ensuring that the condition of the skin is improved

In addition, we offer a range of ‘medical facials’, which are designed to tackle problem skin including the following conditions:

- acne

- rosacea

- sensitive, irritated or allergic skin

- sun damaged skin

- dry skin


As skincare needs are rarely straightforward, we can also offer customised facials tailored to a patient’s own very unique requirements. See our cosmetology facial prices.


Cosmetology Services

As well as effective facials, Clinicbe offers a range of skincare treatments

- Advanced electrolysis – for the treatment of capillaries, skin tags, moles, cysts, warts, thread veins and a variety of other lesions and blemishes

- Chemical peels – an intensive exfoliation which strips away the top layer of skin to reveal brighter skin beneath. Especially recommended for acne/oily skin, signs of ageing and sun damage

- Silk Peel microdermabrasion – a new treatment which simultaneously exfoliates the skin using a mechanical device with medical-grade diamonds while immediately infusing it with a dermatologic solution


Body Toning Treatments

Our range of body toning treatments are individually created combinations of treatment to smooth and tighten the skin, tackling areas of cellulite and/or loose skin.

Treatments may combine detoxification session, body brushing, chemical peel,body wrap, radio frequency,massage or dermaroller.


Contact Clinicbe®

Languages spoken: Our team speak Polish, Greek, Russian, Slovakian and of course English! Feel free to use your preferred language in any communication.


TELEPHONE: 0207 125 0521


LOCATION: Knightsbridge, London, SW1X 0EH

United Kingdom

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