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Hi lovely people. Happy Sunday! I posted about a cleaner a few weeks back and we’ve trialled a good few but my housemate and I want to find someone outstanding / very good that enjoys loves what they do, takes pride in it and shows their skills off. ? ? ? ?

We are both just starting out - so were looking at £12-£14 an hour for 4 hours a week ( I believe some are only paid £9 an hour ?) and you can have as many snacks tea and coffee as you wish. We’re happy providing lunch too. I just can’t afford to pay my cleaner more than I earn an hour but I hugely value the people in my home, they become part of the family.

We have 2 medium bedrooms, a bathroom, kitchen, living room and a hallway.
ALL our things are brand new from the mop to the hoover and cleaning products etc and we are happy to buy whatever you think is best.

If we can’t find someone privately since we don’t want to trial people constantly a GREAT reputable agencies are also so very welcomed!

Any suggestions please!

Thank you and please be kind in your responses. It’s so appreciated.

Marlise de Villiers
United Kingdom
Highbury New Park 93, Belmont Court
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Domenica, 17 Ottobre 2021
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