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As experts in pest control, successfully controlling various pest insect, rodent and bird infestations across London and the surrounding counties, we also provide 24/7 sanitisation and disinfection services.

Our fully qualified pest technicians by the Royal Society of Public Health (RSPH) are thoroughly trained in the fight against viral contamination.

They are skilled at sanitising and disinfecting residential properties, work spaces, offices, hotels, manufacturing plants, schools, private and commercial vehicles, public transport vehicles amongstтothers.

As part of our sanitisation and disinfection services, we conduct a detailed risk assessment, and provide method statements and all documents in compliance with UK legislation, industry best practices and


Government guidelines.

Our sanitisation and disinfection services are tailored according to all individual circumstances, with the aim of eliminating or reducing any risks of contamination or cross-contamination.

The health and safety of our customers and technicians remain our top priority.

Our services are safe and comply with all applicable UK legislation, industry best practices, as well as the infection prevention and control guidance issued by the Public Health England, cleaning and disinfection guidelines of the National Health Service (NHS) and, the UK Government’s advice.



Disinfection is the process of reducing the number of harmful micro-organisms and pathogens to a level at which they shall not pose a risk of infection through food, infected surfaces or objects. Disinfection is efficient only after thorough cleaning and sanitisation of all contaminated surfaces and objects

The process starts with a detailed generic and specific site risk assessment to be conducted by our qualified technician, prior to carrying out the specific treatment that is fit for the property, safely and effectively.

Our pest technicians are equipped with all the requisite personal protective equipment (PPE), as well as respiratory protective equipment (RPE), highest grade disinfectants and cleaning detergents.

Next step is to isolate the area to be treated, deep clean and sanitise all potentially contaminated high-contact areas and touch-points, such as door handles, grab rails, switches, common areas, hallways and furniture, staircases, machinery and equipment (at industrial plants and manufacturing) and others. After the sanitisation process our technicians commence disinfection, using ultra low volume (ULV) fogging or surface spray with ultra-fine droplets of the disinfectant product, being able to treat large areas effectively in a short period of time.

Our treatment is thorough, and covers even the difficult to access areas, all furniture or equipment.

Any potentially hazardous waste are removed to avoid cross-contamination, handled meticulously and disposed of in the safest possible manner, as per all regulations and standards in waste management.


Safe and affordable pest control service in London UK, achieving high success rates

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