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Blackheath Veterinary Surgery provides a range of services including:

Free puppy checks

Free kitten checks



Geriatric clinics

Weight clinics

Behavioural medicine consultations

Home visits

Dental care

Laparoscopic (Key Hole) Spays




Tonometry (Eye pressure checks for Glaucoma)


Microscopy and Cytology

Pet passports

Flea treatment




Thousands of pets are lost every year and many are sadly never reunited with their owners. Microchipping can change that. It gives your pets the best chance of being identified and returned to you if they become lost or stolen.

Most pets can be microchipped and we recommend this for cats, dogs and rabbits. The procedure is simple and relatively pain free as the video below demonstrates.


Microchipping and the law

On 6 April 2016 it become law for all dogs in the UK to have a microchip. It is your responsibility to ensure your dog is microchipped and registered on one of the authorised commercial databases. It is also your responsibility to keep contact details up-to-date on the databases.


Key facts about the law change are highlighted below:

- All dogs must be microchipped and registered by the time they are 8 weeks old

- If you are served with a notice requiring you to have your dog chipped, you will have 21 days to comply

- If you do not microchip your dog within 21 days of the served notice, then you will be liable to pay a fine of £500

- If you do not update your details within 21 days of the served notice, then you will be liable to pay a fine of £500


Nurse Clinics

Puppy and kitten

For advice on worming/flea treatments, neutering, basic behaviour, toilet training and socialisation. This clinic is a great opportunity for your new pet to learn that coming to the vet isn't always a bad experience! Even if you want to bring them in for a play and little treat please feel free.



If your pet is 7 years old or more, did you know he/she is classed as geriatric?

Our clinics advise you on tell tale signs of age related illnesses, for example, kidney problems, tooth decay, high blood pressure, hyperthyroidism etc. Some diseases, if caught early, can be treated or managed successfully with medication.

A simple urine test may be all it takes to diagnose or rule out kidney problems. Any urine or blood testing will be charged but with a discounted rate through our clinics.

Weight clinics

For those pets needing to either gain or lose a few pounds. Our nurses will be able to give advice on diet food, exercise and create an individual weight plan for your pet.

Blood glucose monitoring and urine sample testing will be available for a small fee, as obese pets are susceptible to diseases such as diabetes. The fee for these clinics is £5.50



Our vets are experienced surgeons and we aim to provide the best possible outcomes for our patients. We understand how worrying it can be for owners so we have a complimentary 15 minute appointment with a vet to admit the patient and to check over the pet to ensure that all is satisfactory and to run through the procedure and give an estimate of costs.


Our priorities are to ensure that the anaesthetic is safe and that the pet experiences minimal pain. We therefore recommend a blood sample for all animals over 8 years of age or animals in a high risk category (this can be taken on the morning of the procedure). We have cutting edge anaesthetic monitoring equipment and use the safest available anaesthetics. Pain relief is very important and we give many operations an additional strong painkiller before they are discharged in the afternoon.


Animals tend to be admitted between 9am and 10am and stay with until between 4-5pm usually. We ask that owners call at approximately 1-2pm to get an update on the procedure and to discuss a time for discharge. We provide a post-operative instruction information sheet but if there are ever any questions then call the surgery and they will be delighted to assist.


Croydon Veterinary Surgery

335 Lower Addiscombe Road



020 8655 0235

Croydon (London)
United Kingdom

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