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Professional Mobile Dog Grooming & Cat Grooming & Microchipping in London & North West Kent


Pamper your pet the way you’d like to be pampered in a priceless & convenient way…

Happy cats: a friendly personal touch helps to calm cats when they are being groomed

When it comes to dog grooming & cat grooming, City & Guilds certified groomer & stylist Louise Wilsher offers priceless convenience, saving you time and money by coming to you to provide dog grooming & cat grooming in the purpose-built Otto & Alice Mobile Grooming Studio wherever you live in London or North West Kent including Gravesend, Sidcup, Dartford, Rochester. To find out if we cover your area click here.


Before & after: Dolly the miniature Schnauzer in all her glory

Imagine treating your pet to a thorough pampering, and dog grooming & cat grooming experience in the hands of a City & Guilds trained & certified pet groomer without having to take time traveling to a salon.


More About Louise’s Dog Grooming

Catering for most pets – from puppies through all breeds of dogs to all breeds of cats – Louise’s Otto & Alice Mobile Grooming Studio guarantees to provide a calm, relaxing & safe experience for your pets as they are groomed, preened & revitalised.

Louise Wilsher. Dog Groomer of Distinction & Professional Cat Groomer
Louise (left) is a professionally City & Guilds trained & certified dog groomer & experienced cat groomer.

Before gaining distinctions in her City & Guilds examinations, she trained at the Cutz 4 Mutz Dog Grooming Academy in south Wales – where she followed modules set out by the Pet Industry Federation.

This was followed by training at The Grooming Room in Faringdon, Oxfordshire, where she gained the Dog Grooming Training Diploma for Professional Groomers.


Priceless Convenience Dog Grooming

Short of time? Let Louise take some of the stress out of your day by coming to you and providing the Otto & Alice Mobile Grooming Studio dog grooming service at your door.

To find out more or to make a booking call Louise on 07837 372527

It cannot be stressed enough: Regular grooming of your dog is essential to promote his or her whole well-being, happiness and health.


Regular customer: Molly enjoys looking her best

For a start, when dog grooming, Louise makes sure that any debris, dander and external parasites are removed.

The aim is to prevent irritating knots and mats from forming and removing any before they become uncomfortable for your dog.

As the dog grooming process progresses your dog’s skin is massaged and exfoliated to promote a truly healthy coat.

This has the extremely important added bonus of enabling Louise to detect any minor health concerns and ailments nice and early if they exist.

Learn From A Professional

Dog grooming can be a wonderful way of bonding with your dog, and Louise can teach you the dog grooming basics so you can keep your precious pet in trim between regular grooms.


Priceless Convenience Cat Grooming

Otto & Alice is a professional mobile cat grooming service, that offers the priceless convenience of visiting your cat at its own home at a time that will suit you.

This makes a grooming session much less stressful for the cat, and more agreeable for you.

You can find out if I cover your area here.

To find out more or to make a booking call Louise on 07837 372527 or 07973 692509.

Why cats prefer to be groomed at home

Cats are very territorial so they are much happier being groomed around their own surroundings, especially with their owner on hand!

In a salon where there are unfamiliar smells – and other animals – cats tend to be very tense and anxious – even before the groom is started! Plus there is the stressful journey in the car there and back.

The Otto & Alice Mobile Grooming Studio offers a much more convenient and comfortable alternative and as a result provides a more successful grooming experience for both the cat and the owner. Plus it saves you time.

Why cats groom and why cat grooming?

Cats care about how they look and feel.  How often have you found your cats pampering themselves with their paws?

It’s a fact: cats groom for about 33% of their time they spend awake.

But there are several reasons why it’s important that cats are groomed professionally.

Number one, of course, is to keep clean. Cats are, by nature, neat and clean. Indeed, if you see your cat stopping grooming, be careful – it may well be a sign that something is wrong! But, however, hard they try cats cannot clean themselves better than a professional groomer can with the right combs, brushes and shampoo.


Cat grooming also helps keep them calm, because the act of grooming slows the cat’s heart rate. Indeed if you observe cats in a group you will invariably see them occupying themselves with social grooming. This helps reduce any stresses between the cats.

A third reason why cats need to be groomed is to get rid of irritating loose hair and fleas from their skin. Cat grooming also stimulates the growth of new fur, while cats themselves can help to regulate their body temperature with the cooling attributes of their saliva.

Washing also helps cats deal with embarrassment or conflict. You can see this if you watch closely after telling your cat off for, let’s say, sharpening claws on the couch or biting you. Observed closely, the cat’s reaction is to give him or herself a quick bath with tongue and paws.

This displacement behaviour helps cats retain their dignity. Cats grooming themselves are often simply dealing with an uncomfortable situation. Although cats groom themselves, we humans have an important role to play as well.


As well as commissioning a professional groomer, like the Otto & Alice Mobile Grooming Studio, to pamper your pet (I provide a number of specialist services), it’s important for all cat owners to have a decent cat comb themselves . As a cat’s tongue stimulates the skin, so we can help in this regard by combing our cats regularly – which also rids our cats of fleas and ticks.

“Ticks are tiny bloodsucking creatures that can easily infect your cat. If you find any, use tweezers to pull them off by going as close to the base of the tick turning slightly anti-clockwise and then pulling. Then thoroughly clean the area.

While sort-haired cats can get away with being combed just once a week, long-haired cats need a good combing every few days. It may also be necessary to cut out any very matted sections of hair every now and again.

If the hair is too matted, don’t risk cutting their skin. Make an appointment with a professional groomer or take your cat to the vet.

Sometimes your cats need help to get clean. A lot of people tend to avoid bathing their cats because, most cats don’t take kindly to water. In these cases, put a towel on the base of the tub. It gives them something to grip. The securer cats feel the less they try to struggle.

It’s advisable to use a mild soap, like Tropiclean Hypo Puppy and Kitty Shampoo or a baby shampoo, as it won’t sting your cat’s eyes, and it has the added bonus that it also kills fleas!

Another benefit of grooming a cat is that, by regularly looking at a cat’s teeth, nails, ears and eyes anything out of the ordinary that may need a trip to see a vet can be spotted early.



Protect your pets from loss or theft
Microchipping? What’s that?
Microchipping is simple, safe and quick. For such a fuss free process, it’s astounding that it can make all the difference beetween losiong your pet and being ing reunited if he or she should stray, go missing or, God forbid, be stolen.

A microchip is only the size of a grain of rice. The procedure, which must be done by a trained microchip implanter, like Louise at Otto & Alice Mobile Grooming Studio, takes only a few minutes but literally lasts a lifetime.

How does a microchip help?
Once your precious pet is microchipped, all your and your pet’s details are stored in a national microchip database, including the microchip’s unique 15-digit code.

If your pet goes missing and is found, an animal professional (e.g. a vet, dog warden or groomer) can scan reveal the microchip’s unique 15-digit code by scanning. Once established they can then contact the microchip database with which your pet is registered, where the customer-care staff will perform some security checks before allowing your contact details to be released to the animal professional.

When this has been done it’s only the matter of a phone call for you to be reunited with your pet.

At the moment it is only compulsory to have dogs microchipped in Northern Ireland, however, as of 2015 it will also be compulsory in Wales and in England, all dogs will need to be microchipped from 6 April 2016.

Dog owners will need to:

- Have their dog microchipped and registered on one of the authorised commercial databases

- Register the details of any new owner before they sell or give the dog away

- Keep their contact details up-to-date on the databases


Making A Booking For Dog Grooming & Cat Grooming Is Easy
To find out more or to make a booking for dog grooming & cat grooming please email Louise at

or call 07837 372527

Your precious companion – cat or dog – can now look & feel his or her very best at the end of a dog grooming & cat grooming session with Louise – and then curl up in their own favourite places.

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