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Regular or ad-hoc bookings available. My operational area covers Coventry and up to an 18 miles radius of the city. The price you pay will fall somewhere in the price range shown below depending on how far away from me you are.   

Dogs can be tricky to know what to do with for the best when you want to go away for a few days can't they? It's not always a case that you can take them with you to wherever it is you're going, and for some dogs, kennels are not always an ideal option. So, here's the solution, I would come in and have overnight sleepovers with them at your home while you're away. 

I would come in every evening and take your dog for a walk, feed them, and then sleep overnight at your home, giving your dog the comfort of knowing that a human was there looking after them. In the morning I would give them their breakfast and another short walk before leaving for the day to do my other pet care jobs. As the householder, you also have the added bonus that someone trustworthy is staying overnight at your home and helping to keep it secure. (Note, this service will not be available until after 17th May 2021 when the latest set of lockdown restrictions are lifted, which will permit overnight stays in other people's homes again.

 The price for this service is £25.00 - £40.00 per night.

Dogs & Cats
Steve Frost
United Kingdom
8 Rosemary Close
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